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From the mouths of babes…

March 25, 2011 2 comments

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Let me start with a basic statement of facts.

  • I favor legal immigration and I favor increasing the number of people allowed to legally immigrate into the US.
  • Immigration must be managed in a way that brings people based on their ability assimilate and be productive citizens.
  • I am unalterably opposed to illegal immigrants, from whatever their home country.
  • I favor laws, at the state level if necessary, that makes housing, employment and education as close to impossible as we can make it.  I favor the use of e-Verify or a similar system to validate the right of every individual to housing, employment and education and I favor harsh penalties aimed at employers, landlords/property managers and school administrators who allow illegal aliens to live, work or attend school.
  • I favor an interpretation of the concept of “birthright citizenship” that grants US citizenship to children born of parents who are legal immigrants to the US and disallows citizenship to the children of illegal aliens.

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Unemployment and JackAssery **UPDATED**

I’m going to stray today from my normally politically correct, softball writing and call a spade a spade.

Barack Obama and his US Department of Labor are a bunch of lying whores.  (With apologies to sex workers who don’t deserve the comparison.)  Their latest exercise in attempting to sell a bill of goods to the American people is their latest pap on unemployment.  This is just another exercise in why I don’t trust either statisticians or government employees.  Both are congenital liars, to the point where they don’t even realize they’re lying.  What never ceases to amaze me is that they are able to use media outlets like The New York Times to smear their pap and the folks at The Times seem to do it with glee in their hearts.  I know I shouldn’t be amazed, but the level of gross stupidity and ignorance of even the basic facts – when all the data is numbers – is overwhelming and I expect better, even of products of the re-education camps run under the guise of “schools of journalism”.  OK, so much for my whining.  And, Mrs908 recommends a fine sharp white cheddar available at Trader Joe’s to go with the 908Whine™.
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I LOVE the smell of schadenfreude in the morning!!

December 11, 2010 5 comments

So the current jobless rate is 9.8% as reported by the Department of Labor. In fact, it’s more like 17% when the people who’ve just stopped looking are rolled in. The Obama Administration has done exactly nothing to stimulate the economy other than increasing state and federal government payrolls and “saving” the jobs of state and municipal employees through one time cash infusions. Oh, and then there’s the proposed 52 week extension of “unemployment benefits” beyond the already extended 99 weeks. Hell of a job Barack.

Anyway, the Washington Post is reporting that a couple of thousand soon-to-be-unemployed employees of the federal government are getting all pissy with RexO ‘cause he’s not finding them jobs. Apparently they feel like, since they (actual their bosses) put it all on the line for RexO they deserve some serious schmooze.

Some of the 2,000 or so Democratic staffers on Capitol Hill who are losing their jobs in the coming weeks as a result of November’s “Great Shellacking” are angry at President Obama’s White House for not helping them find new jobs.

Worse, they remember that in 2006, when the Republicans lost the Hill and GOP aides were in the same fix, the George W. Bush White House tried hard to place them in administration positions.
“They have not called us,” one of them said. And both Democrats ruefully concluded that “Republicans have always been better at taking care of their people.”
Congressional Democrats have long been unhappy with the Obama White House, feeling it cares little about their well-being. Now, as a Bill Clinton-style triangulation era begins, they’re furious about Obama’s tax deal with the R’s to continue tax cuts for the hideously wealthy.

Off topic, sort of, you can certainly tell where the WaPo falls on the political spectrum with the highlighted note in the last paragraph.

As far as the Obama White House caring about “their” well-being, join the party folks. It’s been obvious that they – and hey! YOU too – don’t give a tinker’s dam about the rest of the country so what in the world would make you think they give a rip about you? On the flip side, assuming the extra 52 weeks gets passed before y’all get the axe, your unemployment “benefits” will run out just about the time a Republican President gets inaugurated in January 2013. At that point, you can have some “hope” that things will “change” for real and you can find a job. In the meantime, check out the private sector. I’m sure with your experience and education you’re qualified for something. You might want to practice this slowly…

“Welcome to WalMart!”


UPDATE: 12/11/10 – 3:35pm MST

I’m excited. We’re attracting folks from the “other side”. And, as you might expect, the commenter is incapable of understanding facts, doing basic research or assembling a cogent argument. The comment, from one “elitiest”, complete with a pic of RexO™ and this little gem…

The President has done more, passed more legislation, in two years than Bush did in eight. And the “true” unemployment numbers – where were they when Bush was in office? New unemployment claims were at 750,000 a month when Bush left office. Now they’re at 420,000.

OK Jackass, here’s the numbers, courtesy of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Please note not just the raw numbers, but the difference between the U3 and the U6 numbers.

Have a really nice fricking day bonehead.

A Totally New Standard in JackAssery!

So “unemployment insurance” is currently 99 weeks. That means the Federal Government make that YOU! Are paying folks to stay home and loaf for 73 weeks beyond the “typical” 26 week unemployment gravy train.

Let me be clear. If you’re planning on commenting about the hardship of trying to live on unemployment, don’t bother.

The point here is that Congress is considering EXTENDING unemployment “benefits” for an additional 52 weeks. That means that if you’re a “victim” of Barack’s blundering on the economy, you can watch Oprah and Dr. Phil until at least Christmas of 2011 when those heartless Republicans will once again attempt to take food from your mouth and starve your precious children while simultaneously trying to pass more tax cuts for very wealthy Democrats.

Oh, but as Reuters notes, there’s more to the story. Much more. The people who brought you The Stimulus! are now projecting total disaster if don’t extend unemployment. While they don’t mention the impact on Oprah’s ratings, I really think that’s what’s driving this foolishness because the published explanation is total JackAssery.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The White House urged Congress on Thursday to extend unemployment aid and warned that failure to act would inflict a heavy toll on millions of Americans that could put the U.S. economic recovery at risk.
“Without an extension, employment would be about 600,000 lower … in December 2011 than if a year-long extension were passed,” according to a new report from the White House Council of Economic Advisers.
The White House has repeatedly pointed out that Republicans are blocking more aid to America’s jobless while wanting to extend tax cuts for the rich.

Got that? If we stop paying people to sit on their [couch] an additional 600,000 people will be sitting on their [couch]. Sigh. Where did Barack find these people? Oh yeah, he found them being paid by the government or being paid by “exclusive” universities. Not like any of them has ever held a real job – and that would be in the private sector.