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From the mouths of babes…

March 25, 2011 2 comments

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Let me start with a basic statement of facts.

  • I favor legal immigration and I favor increasing the number of people allowed to legally immigrate into the US.
  • Immigration must be managed in a way that brings people based on their ability assimilate and be productive citizens.
  • I am unalterably opposed to illegal immigrants, from whatever their home country.
  • I favor laws, at the state level if necessary, that makes housing, employment and education as close to impossible as we can make it.  I favor the use of e-Verify or a similar system to validate the right of every individual to housing, employment and education and I favor harsh penalties aimed at employers, landlords/property managers and school administrators who allow illegal aliens to live, work or attend school.
  • I favor an interpretation of the concept of “birthright citizenship” that grants US citizenship to children born of parents who are legal immigrants to the US and disallows citizenship to the children of illegal aliens.

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Immigration laws that work…

Illegal immigration is a huge drain on the US.

It’s a direct assault on out culture – “Press Two for English”. It’s a direct assault on our heritage, the concept of the US being a melting pot where immigrants seeking freedom can assimilate into our culture, “Out of Many, One”, the famous quote from the Great Seal of the United States that Al Gore got exactly backwards. And illegal immigration is an assault on our financial stability and resources.  According to the Center for Immigration Studies, states with the biggest budget problems also have the biggest “immigrant financial” problems, specifically California and Arizona.  In fact, the cost if illegal aliens is about equal to the budget deficits in most financially strapped states
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Immigration Laws That Work

February 27, 2011 4 comments

Mexican Invasion

The Mexican Invasion

I live in Phoenix, Arizona.  We have a problem here with illegal immigration and because the Feds steadfastly refuse to even try to seal our border with Mexico we’ve take some steps internally to address the problem.  We wrote about the problem at 908 Straight St! in December.  The bottom line is that in states with the biggest budgetary problems – California and Arizona being numbers one and two when you look at deficit as a percentage of total budget – the cost of the Mexican invasion just happens to equal the state budget deficit.

Here in Arizona, and in Virgina – the story highlighted in December – and now in New Mexico, Republicans are doing things at the state level that are reducing the immigration cost.  Unfortunately for some, we’re reducing our cost by exporting it, along with the illegal aliens driving the cost, to states that are more illegal friendly.  My guess is that they won’t be so friendly for long given that the states do not have the ability to print money and are beginning to make, in the words of those who created the problem, “draconian cuts”.  Here’s a quick update of some stuff that works.

From the 908SS! December article about Prince William County, they cracked down on illegals and they fled to the surrounding region or somewhere, but they left PWC.  The result was striking:

Every area of PWC has made reductions and, as of today, the county has cut more than $140 million from the cost of government, and is employing the lowest number of full-time government workers in the D.C. region. Indeed, residents of the county pay tax bills nearly 30% lower than in neighboring counties.

The business community has responded, PWC is now the number one job growth county in Virginia and the D.C. region and number two in terms of job growth on the East Coast.

In addition, the article notes a 32% drop in violent crime.

Here in Phoenix, we have another example.  We are cutting the amount of money going to K-12 from the State.  An article in the Arizona Republic rightly notes that there are a laundry list of reason for the reductions when you look at individual school districts, but let’s look at one specific district, the Alhambra Elementary School District.

[the Alhambra District] is 70 percent Latino, has lost 1,000 students, 6.5 percent of its enrollment, since 2007. Superintendent Karen Williams doesn’t blame the recession. She blames a 2007 state law that permits fining businesses for hiring illegal immigrants and the subsequent rancorous debate over immigration around the state. Williams says many parents moved out of Arizona.

It’s an interesting article and there are some specifically non-immigration things that the Alhambra district is doing that you’ll find interesting.

Bottom line, once again, crack down on illegal immigration and illegals will run like cockroaches exposed to the light.

Let’s take a look at our neighboring state, New Mexico.  The good folks of New Mexico elected a Republican Governor last November.  She also happens to be Hispanic.

(Reuters) – The nation’s first female Hispanic governor has angered many Latinos with a proposal to repeal a New Mexico state law allowing illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses.

Newly-elected Governor Susana Martinez, a Republican who ran on a promise to get tough on illegal immigration, this week added fuel to the fire by using leftover campaign funds to pay for a radio ad urging support for her repeal efforts.

Needless to say, the Left is going bonkers. I mean hey, this woman doesn’t know her place. Just who does she think she is? I think they’ll find out and I also think they won’t like the answer. Heh.

I’m hoping the next shot fired across the bow in illegals floating into our country – note: OUR country – will be a combined effort by Republican States Attorneys General going after voter fraud. Kansas new Secretary of State, who happens to be the same guy who wrote Arizona’s SB1070, has vowed to pass tough voter fraud laws in Kansas. Those can be used as a model for other states just like SB1070 is being modeled in about a dozen other states today.

The bottom line of all this is that there are a wide variety of things that states can do, and do without challenge even from the Obama Justice Department, that will have a major impact on the cost of illegal aliens in their states. True, we’re exporting the problem across state lines to places like California, but tough. If you want ’em you can have ’em and I’m willing to charter a bus to transport ’em to LA and San Francisco. Our goal should be to make our states a hospitable and welcoming place for legal immigrants and we should view illegal aliens with the same disdain we view child molesters.

2012 Winning Issue #1: Illegal Immigration.

January 1, 2011 2 comments

Homeland Security at Work

This subject is near and dear to my heart for several reasons.  First of all, I am a proponent of LEGAL immigration.  We are a nation of immigrants who came to America to be Americans, to experience freedom and liberty.  Nothing should ever change that.  We are also a nation of laws and we should expect and demand that immigrants obey the law, especially when it comes to how they come into the country.  For most of the Bush Administration and for most of the last couple of years, it looked like amnesty and the rule of lawlessness would rule the day on this issue, but I honestly think we’ve turned the corner and that the conservative view on this issue will win the day.  Over the past year we’ve seen some very encouraging things happen in regard to immigration.

  1. Even as Obama’s ICE has worked t find obscure regulatory methods to stop processing illegals, their other hand has been hard at work enforcing federal law with regard to employment of illegals and, in fact, we will deport a record number of illegals in 2010, around 400,000.  That’s a huge jump from the previous administration and it’s certainly a good thing.
  2. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed SB1070 into law, making it against state law to be in Arizona illegally and empowering Arizona police agencies to detain suspected illegal aliens.
  3. The Obama Administration file suit in federal court to block enforcement of SB1070, the case is currently making it’s way to SCOTUS.
  4. The attendant publicity around SB1070 brought an interesting result.  People favor it by a huge margin, 55-60% favor it and polls show many states where people want a similar law passed by their state legislatures.
  5. As we noted here earlier in the week, Rep Lamar Smith is going to hold hearing with the intent to bring new immigration laws based on requiring eVerify for hiring in the US.  This is a great first step and may actually end up being a solidly bipartisan piece of legislation because Obama’s Immigration folks are looking forward to testifying and support the legislation in concept at this point and it’s an issue that can be rightly painted as a “jobs” issue.  Illegal aliens are taking jobs from unemployed American citizens.  Come on Nancy & Harry, oppose this one.  Please.
  6. The DREAM Act, legislation aimed at nibbling away toward blanket amnesty, was killed in the Lame Duck Session.  With Republicans in control of the House, it’s dead as my white cat for at least two years.
  7. As we noted in the above linked piece, AZ State Sen Russell Pearce and his allies will be holding a press conference on January 5 to outline new legislation that will be introduced in at least Arizona that will go after “birthright citizenship”, effectively nullifying it for children of illegal aliens.  See the earlier piece for our commentary on that, but suffice it to say that we feel Pearce is doing the right thing and the state level is the place to start the fight.
  8. In Kansas, Kris Kobach was elected Secretary of State.  This is important because Kobach worked with Russell Pearce to write SB1070 and he is coming into office in Kansas with legislation ready for committee review with respect to illegal aliens and voter fraud.

In a year end piece in the New York Times, they note that the battle on illegal immigration – and they even call it that – has shifted from Washington DC to the States.  This is critical to getting the problem addressed for a couple of reasons.  First of all, any major piece of legislation coming out of DC will likely be an amnesty bill – see the DREAM Act.  By moving the battle to the states, the focus of the legislation changes 180 degrees to incremental enforcement.

Legislative leaders in at least half a dozen states say they will propose bills similar to a controversial law to fight illegal immigration that was adopted by Arizona last spring, even though a federal court has suspended central provisions of that statute.

The efforts, led by Republicans, are part of a wave of state measures coming this year aimed at cracking down on illegal immigration.

Legislators have also announced measures to limit access to public colleges and other benefits for illegal immigrants and to punish employers who hire them.

Next week, at least five states plan to begin an unusual coordinated effort to cancel automatic United States citizenship for children born in this country to illegal immigrant parents.

Opponents say that effort would be unconstitutional, arguing that the power to grant citizenship resides with the federal government, not with the states. Still, the chances of passing many of these measures appear better than at any time since 2006, when many states, frustrated with inaction in Washington, began proposing initiatives to curb illegal immigration.

The battle lines are already drawn for this fight.  Conservatives, people who believe in the rule of law and advocates for legal immigration are on one side.  The Left, which includes the entire Democratic Party machine and some liberal Republicans, along with an interesting alliance of Mexican nationalist groups (LaRaza, etc) and the US Chamber of Commerce who oppose businesses having to deal with immigration status not to mention their love of cheap labor.  This was will be fought in the courts, the key is to get the right legislation before SCOTUS, because that’s where it will end up.  The SB1070 ruling from the federal judge in Phoenix was expected.  I expect the Ninth Circus to affirm her ruling and from there it will go to Justice Roberts Court.

For a quick roundup of who’s on our side, The Times article has a good outline.

“The federal government’s failure to enforce our border has functionally turned every state into a border state,” said Randy Terrill, a Republican representative in Oklahoma who has led the drive for anti-illegal immigration laws there.


Among the states expected to introduce bills similar to Arizona’s [SB1070] are Georgia, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.
In Kansas, Republicans won big majorities in both legislative houses and Sam Brownback, who just retired as a United States senator, was elected governor. Mr. Kobach, the law professor, was elected secretary of state after a campaign in which he vowed to pass a law requiring proof of citizenship for voters.

The Times article has the standard level of moaning about how Republicans will lose the “Latino” voting block, blah blah blah.  Arizona has a large Hispanic voting block and a very aggressive “immigrant” lobby.  The media are their lackeys.  Republicans swept every statewide office and took three House seats away from the Democrats.  Two more House seats in southern Arizona were within a couple of thousand votes each of flipping to Republicans and our candidates were first timers.  One of those districts, the incumbent had never run a TV commercial in any of his campaigns and won by about 3,000 votes.

Bottom line, this issue will be a clear winner for Conservatives and Republicans.  We’ve got the right people doing the right things at both the state and federal level and we’ve got momentum on our side.

Moving in the right direction on immigration.

December 28, 2010 1 comment

Rep Smith and Rep King you’re doing the Lord’s work!

Politico has a great article that I think shows that Washington Republicans may be about to get something right.  And they’re going to address a serious problem and actually do something that will make the problem less of a problem.  In addition, it will establish that criminal behavior is criminal behavior and should be treated as such.

To digress just a tad, I am a great believer in a couple of things.  The first is winning by incrementalism.  In other words, when attacking a big issue you’re not likely to get a clear win in one felled swoop.  You usually can, however, pick off a bunch of low hanging fruit that, if done right will build a solid foundation for moving toward other wins on the issue and you will also build credibility as you move ahead one win at a time.  The second thing is directly related to the subject of this post, illegal immigration.  I was – and am – opposed to SB1070 here in Arizona.  I’ll support it because it’s passed the Legislature, been signed by the Governor and is currently being adjudicated through the Courts now, and I hope Arizona wins.  I do believe there was a simpler and much less controversial way to achieve the same result – making life difficult for illegal aliens to they’ll go elsewhere.  Don’t go after them directly, go after the people who employ them illegally, go after those who provide them housing, go after those who provide them government benefits.  Take away jobs, housing and the “safety net” and you don’t much have to worry about THEM.  They’ll go elsewhere.  Do it nationally, they might even go home.  Or to Canada.  Either works for me.

OK, that said, Representative Smith made my day with this…

After weeks of speculation that he would pursue a scorched-earth immigration agenda, Smith detailed his to-do list for the first time in an interview with POLITICO — and it’s an early but important signal that the new House Republican majority plans to attack the issue of immigration through the prism of jobs, rather than red meat for the base.

Smith’s first two hearings will focus on expanding E-Verify, a voluntary electronic system for checking the immigration status of workers that President Barack Obama supports and scrutinizing the administration’s record on worksite enforcement.

“They are what I call 70 percent issues — 70 percent or more of the American people support those efforts,” Smith said. “I think they are popular across the board, and I think they will be appreciated by all American workers regardless of their ethnicity or background or anything else.”

And exactly right you are Rep. Smith. This will be enforcement that works and you’ll also have the opportunity to make sure that the Administration actually enforces new laws in this area, although to be fair, Obama’s Administration is doing more on workplace enforcement than his predecessor, and doing a pretty good job at it.

This also means that the “touchy” stuff like “birthright citizenship” won’t be talked about seriously. And that is fine with me because guess what. On January 5 a delegation from the Arizona Legislature will be in Washington talking about that very subject and they plan to enact legislation here in Arizona this year that will address it. Then the Department of Justice can take us to court again. Bottom line, birthright citizenship will get talked about a whole lot and when these subjects are discussed, the conservative opinion nearly always prevails with the American people. Remember SB1070? All the hyperventilating about it by community activists. Well, about 60% of the American people support it and wish their state would enact something similar. And there are, I think, seven states considering SB1070 type of legislation.

Mr. Smith in Washington has his strategy down pat and his tactics are solid. Remember, we’ve got a 9.8% unemployment rate, unless you count the folks who’ve stopped looking and then it’s about 17%. When asked about birthright citizenship, Smith said this…

“That is later on in this Congress; that is not our initial focus,” Smith said. “We don’t have any specific plans now in the early months to move on these issues. The focus is on creating jobs and protecting jobs.”
Roy Beck, executive director of NumbersUSA, which favors tighter restrictions on legal and illegal immigration, said Smith’s focus on E-Verify and worksite enforcement will do as much as anything else to bring order to the system.

“We think there are a lot of issues in the Internet world that people get really excited about, and in many ways, it is a side show,” Beck said, referring specifically to cutting off benefits for illegal immigrants. “It is not as important as one thing, which is taking away the jobs. So if Lamar Smith is going to focus on keeping illegal aliens out of the jobs, that is more important than all the illegal immigration stuff put together.”

From a political standpoint, framing immigration as a jobs issue makes sense, Camarota said.

“Democrats have to essentially argue it is a good idea to leave those 7 million illegal immigrants in those jobs,” Camarota said. “It puts Democrats on the defensive.”

Got that? Good for the country. A positive step getting the unemployed back to work. Bad for Democrats. Sounds like heaven to me.

Give ’em hell Mr. Smith.

Poor, poor California. Getting Scrooged!

December 27, 2010 1 comment

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Today’s Washington Post has a plaintive article bemoaning the fate of the Golden State in the recent census.  As I’m sure you know, California has been experiencing some problems lately, and a bunch of them stem from – if you’re a California politician – a lack of money to fund the state, or if you’re normal human being, those problems stem from trying to centralize all of life’s decisions in California in the hallowed halls of Sacramento and spending two dollars for every one that you can get your hands on.  Any way you cut it though, California has become the bronze state and they can’t seem to find anybody to polish off the green stuff.

Now then, recall that we recently had a census.  The census is used to determine, among other things, the number of House seats you get and how big a cut of the federal pie you end up with from about $400B worth of federal spending programs.  So, it’s important to get it right.  Wherein lies the problem.  And specifically, the problem is those pesky undocumented workers who’ve migrated from poverty in Mexico to the sunny climes of freedom loving California so they can provide for their families.  Or, if you’re not a Leftist California politician (I know it’s redundant), the problem could be several million illegal aliens who’ve taken advantage of our unwillingness to protect our borders and poached their way into California to take advantage of what used to be a pretty good school system, free health care and a myriad of other benefits that California politicians make sure they get.  Pick one.

So, back to the whining in the WaPo.

LOS ANGELES – California officials estimate that the U.S. Census Bureau failed to count 1.5 million of the state’s residents, a discrepancy that, if true, could cost the state billions of dollars in federal aid over the next decade and perhaps an increase in its representation in Congress.
“It cuts away at our share of the $400 billion a year that the federal government doles out to states. It made it so for the first time California didn’t actually grow its congressional delegation, therefore we’re not going to have as strong a voice as we could have. It puts us at a disadvantage,” said state Assembly Speaker John Perez, a Los Angeles Democrat. “I’m looking seriously to see what happens in the post-count scenario, into every option for going to get the kind of adjustment that reflects our growth.”

Ahhh gee John. Sorry about that. Well, come to think of it I’m not at all sorry.

Now then, to the issues. There’s that growth thing. Growth? Dude! Haven’t you noticed that for the past lots of years Californians have been abandoning the Golden State in droves? Moving businesses out like crazy. Moving to places like Texas and Arizona. So, John, what about that growth? Where oh where could it come from? Oh yeah. Maybe from Mexico. And instead of the skilled workers and business owners that are abandoning your silly state in droves you’re getting unskilled landscapers and hotel maids who can’t speak English and cost you maybe $25B or $30B a year in medical and school costs and we won’t discuss increases in your crime rates, but you could refer to the piece we did on Virgina last week and how their violent crime rates dropped when they outlawed illegals. But anyway, back to your whining. Needless to say, your politicians have a plan.

“If there is evidence of an undercount, the city will strongly consider all options for us to receive our fair share of federal funding,” said Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

California is home to large numbers of people least likely to participate in the census, including minorities, the young and low-income households. Ten of the top 50 “hard-to-count” counties in the nation are in California, and it has a large population of illegal immigrants, who are less likely to participate in the survey for fear that it would put them on the government’s radar.

A 2008 study found that the state had more than 5 million hard-to-count residents.

This year, the problem may have been compounded by the state spending significantly less on census outreach than it did a decade ago, though nonprofit organizations and private foundations tried to fill the gap.

“I don’t think any amount of outreach is going to fully eliminate the undercount, particularly in [historically undercounted] communities, some of which are very well represented in California’s population,” said Thomas A. Saenz, president and general counsel of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

The organization and others tried to reassure Latino immigrants that participating in the census was “safe, important and simple. But the emphasis was on the first, the safety.”

Nice bed dude!

“[historically undercounted] communities”? Would that be a reference to illegal aliens who have no business being here in the first place. I think it would. And hey, I would also suggest that instead of using MALDEF and SEIU and various other anti-American elements of the Democratic Party (I know, redundant again) to count in those “communities” maybe they should have used the LA County Sheriff or volunteers from ICE. I’ll bet they could have gotten an exact count. Let’s see, there are 55 seats on a long haul, high capacity Greyhound bus. Fill the seats, count the number of buses as they cross the southern border to drop off their cargo and multiply by 55. Yeah, that will give you a good count.

Back to beating the bloggyhorse. If the State of California – or any of it’s legal jurisdictions – have the gall to actually sue the Feds to add bodies to their count so they can get help paying for the illegal aliens that they encourage to come and live illegally I hope that other states will counter sue and we can establish that the census should be for “legal” residents. Here in Arizona we’re working hard to make our state a very “illegal-alien-unfriendly” place. We’re tired of paying for them. We’d like to round them up and ship them back to their home country – and hint: THIS is not their home – but we can’t, that’s a federal job and they won’t do it. But gee, we can make it a hostile place if you’re not supposed to be in the country and you’ll want to move somewhere more friendly. Like California. So guys and gals, and since it is California we’re talking about, guys who used to be gals and gals who used to be guys, you made your bed. Lie in it. Hey, at least you’ll have cheap, non-English speaking help to make the darn thing when you need to get up and go collect your unemployment check.

Mexico Demands Police Escorts Through Arizona For Immigrant Safety.

November 24, 2010 3 comments

The government of Mexico is concerned about the safety of their citizens who are illegally in the US and who will be returning to Mexico for the holidays. So they are demanding police escorts as they head home. From today’s Arizona Republic

MEXICO CITY – Mexico’s government is telling migrants driving home for the holidays from the United States that they should form convoys for their own safety while traveling through Mexico, and an official said Monday that police will accompany convoys on the most dangerous stretches of highway.

A seemingly intractable wave of drug cartel violence has made some border highways, especially in the states of Tamaulipas, Sonora and Sinaloa, so dangerous that the U.S. State Department urges travelers to avoid driving on some of the roads.

Oh darn, I misread that. The danger ISN’T in Arizona, it’s in Mexico. Perhaps the government of Mexico – such as it is – should be spending more time worrying about keeping their citizens safe IN THEIR OWN DAMN COUNTRY rather than filing amicus briefs against SB1070 in Arizona.

On the other hand, I can see their point. Deporting illegal Mexicans back to Mexico would drastically decrease their safety.

Not to mention…

An estimated 12 million Mexicans live in the United States, and the money they send home is Mexico’s second-largest source of foreign income after oil exports.
The situation has become so bad that the State Department has prohibited its employees from traveling by vehicle across the U.S.-Mexico border.

And I expect the Mexican government will give them a police escort back to the border after the holidays. I would suggest it might be time for some drone activity on the border.