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Hi. I’d like to introduce you to reality.

BackhoeSo, the public employee unions and their lap cats the Democratic Party have drawn a line in the sand with a back hoe.  Union membership and representation is a God given right and since Thomas Jefferson was a union organizer the right to organize and hold the American taxpayer hostage is somewhere in the Constitution.  And I can guarantee that there is no shortage of judges who will have no trouble finding said “right”.  In the meantime, the Wisconson Democrats have discovered that if the Democrats have somehow been unable to either win or fix enough elections to hold majorities in state legislative bodies, they can leave the state and there will be no negtive consequences from the country club Republicans – including the Tea Party variety – and they can play the issue for the front pages and for time.  The bottom line here is simple, the Democrats and the unions are at war.  Republicans are just simple.

My bet is that Democrats and unions will “win” on the issue of contracts, wages, benefits and pensions.  Please note the scare quotes.  They’re gonna “win” in court and in the short term, in the court of public opinion.  The reason they’ll win in court is because the judiciary is stacked, roughly right up to the SCOTUS, where eventually they’ll lose.  Eventually.  Public opinion will sway their way because they are a lot like Chinese water torture, constantly repeating lies until people believe them.  People will believe them because for the most part, they are products of the US unionize education system and can’t do independent research or put two rational thoughts together in the same month.  So, the Unions “win” and keep their money.  Democrats “win” and keep their number one source of funds, taxpayer money passed through the hands of union members to their bosses to the DNC.  I used scare quotes because, while they will almost certainly be able to work the courts and the voters for a while, they won’t beat the fundamental laws of mathematics and economics.

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A profile in courage? Nope.

I’m talking about my Governor, Jan Brewer.

If you don’t live in Arizona you probably think that Governor Brewer is a hero for her signature on SB1070 last year.  Occasionally we see things written praising her and I’ve even seen a couple of misguided commenters who though she’d be a good VP candidate.  Ummm, no.

A quick snapshot of history before we get to today.  Jan Brewer was elevated to the Governor’s job in Arizona when President Obama nominated Janet Napolitano to head DHS.  Brewer was Secretary of State and AZ has no LtGov, the SoS is next in line.  Let me note that succession is a huge problem for us.  In the last 30 years, we’ve had three Governors leave office and be replaced by the SoS.  It’s been less that a good thing in all three instances.

Brewer’s first act upon becoming Governor was to have to put together a new budget.  Arizona has the second biggest budget shortfall problem in the US behind California, as a percentage of total budget.  We also have a requirement that the Governor sign a balanced budget.  So, Brewer submitted a budget that relied on a sales tax increase (temporary, 3 years) for about a billion dollars, one-time federal funds for another billion and some token budget cuts.  We wouldn’t have gotten the token budget cuts if a group of Republican freshman legislators hadn’t stood up and said NO!  The sales tax revenues have fallen short – color me shocked – and the fed funds are gone, never to be seen again.
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