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Gabby Giffords Retires

Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-AZ) is resigning her seat in the House after the State of the Union to concentrate on regaining her health.  We certainly wish her the best in that regard.

We also view this as a major plus for the people of Arizona.  Giffords was by no means the picture of “bipartisanship” that Nancy Pelosi paints in the linked ABC article, she was a hard left acolyte of the Obama/Reid/Pelosi axis that has spent the last three years working to remake the country in an image that must be causing the Founders to spin in their graves while making Karl Marx smile in his little corner of Hell.

Giffords resignation will require Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to schedule a special election before the November general election to replace Giffords.  The date has not yet been announced, but this is an opportunity to replace one of Nancy’s robots with a strong conservative voice.  Jesse Kelly was a first time candidate in this district in 2010.  He defeated a Republican machine candidate in the primary and lost to Giffords by less than 2%, about 4,100 votes.  Jesse is a former Marine, Iraq vet, a businessman in the Tuscon area and he ran a really solid campaign against Giffords in one of the more liberal areas in the State of Arizona.  He’s obviously not said anything about Giffords retirement, but a year ago, just before Giffords was shot, he was gearing up to make a “major announcement” that was expected to be an announcement that he would again oppose Giffords in 2012.

Let me be the first to say: Run Jesse Run!  You’re exactly the kind of representative we need in the House.

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