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Immigration laws that work…

Illegal immigration is a huge drain on the US.

It’s a direct assault on out culture – “Press Two for English”. It’s a direct assault on our heritage, the concept of the US being a melting pot where immigrants seeking freedom can assimilate into our culture, “Out of Many, One”, the famous quote from the Great Seal of the United States that Al Gore got exactly backwards. And illegal immigration is an assault on our financial stability and resources.  According to the Center for Immigration Studies, states with the biggest budget problems also have the biggest “immigrant financial” problems, specifically California and Arizona.  In fact, the cost if illegal aliens is about equal to the budget deficits in most financially strapped states

Some states and localities are doing something about this invasion of law breaking leeches even though the federal government, whose responsibility is happens to be to control the borders, in the last four Administrations – two Republican and two Democrat – have done either nothing to secure our borders (Bush1 & Clinton) or everything they can think of to welcome illegals (Bush2 & Obama).  And in fairness, the current Administration is doing both more to find and deport illegals as well as make them feel welcome by fighting localities efforts to stem the tide.  If I were a psychiatrist I would probably diagnose this Administration’s efforts as bipolar.  We’ve written about the efforts of our home state, Arizona, with legislation requiring employers to have e-Verify records on all employees and the passage last year of SB1070.  We’ve written about the efforts of Prince William County in Virginia.  The interesting thing about the localities that are addressing the problem of illegal aliens is that in every instance there is documented evidence that the illegals don’t stay in those localities, reducing the cost of addressing the problems created by them.  This flies in the face of the mantra by the open borders crowd who insist that the problem (they don’t use the word “problem”) can’t be solved.  As usual, the liberal mantra, while it may feel good to them, is demonstrably wrong in practice.  Common sense is such an uncommon trait these days, at least among the intellectual Left.

We’ve noted how costs in general in PWC are down and violent crime is dramatically down as a result of their efforts.  We’ve noted how at least one school district in Phoenix has seen their attendance numbers for students needing ESL programs has dropped dramatically because of the efforts of the State Legislature here.  And today we have more proof that addressing the problem works.  This from an article in the Arizona Republic.

In the past three years, the number of county-jail inmates whom
deputies suspect of being in the country illegally has dropped by nearly
40 percent, from 16,337 in 2008 to 9,894 in 2010.

The trend in Maricopa County is at odds with a national trend that has shown an increase in deportations of undocumented immigrants in the same time frame.

And why might that be, you ask.  Well, let’s consult the “experts”…

The number of immigrants living in Arizona without authorization has
decreased, meaning police encounter fewer “criminal aliens” –
undocumented immigrants who, after crossing the border, have committed
serious crimes that would land them in county jail.

In other words, Arizona immigration policy with respect to illegal aliens works.  And maybe that’s why as many as a dozen other states are considering laws similar to Arizona’s SB1070.  While I agree that states and localities passing laws to control the problems caused by illegal immigration may not make much of a difference nationally, it can have a major impact locally.  I am perfectly happy to see to financial drain as well as the increase in violent crime caused by illegal aliens in Arizona move along with them to “friendlier” climes like California or Utah.  When things get bad enough maybe they’ll take an affirmative action to fix the problem in their locales.

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