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Immigration Laws That Work

Mexican Invasion

The Mexican Invasion

I live in Phoenix, Arizona.  We have a problem here with illegal immigration and because the Feds steadfastly refuse to even try to seal our border with Mexico we’ve take some steps internally to address the problem.  We wrote about the problem at 908 Straight St! in December.  The bottom line is that in states with the biggest budgetary problems – California and Arizona being numbers one and two when you look at deficit as a percentage of total budget – the cost of the Mexican invasion just happens to equal the state budget deficit.

Here in Arizona, and in Virgina – the story highlighted in December – and now in New Mexico, Republicans are doing things at the state level that are reducing the immigration cost.  Unfortunately for some, we’re reducing our cost by exporting it, along with the illegal aliens driving the cost, to states that are more illegal friendly.  My guess is that they won’t be so friendly for long given that the states do not have the ability to print money and are beginning to make, in the words of those who created the problem, “draconian cuts”.  Here’s a quick update of some stuff that works.

From the 908SS! December article about Prince William County, they cracked down on illegals and they fled to the surrounding region or somewhere, but they left PWC.  The result was striking:

Every area of PWC has made reductions and, as of today, the county has cut more than $140 million from the cost of government, and is employing the lowest number of full-time government workers in the D.C. region. Indeed, residents of the county pay tax bills nearly 30% lower than in neighboring counties.

The business community has responded, PWC is now the number one job growth county in Virginia and the D.C. region and number two in terms of job growth on the East Coast.

In addition, the article notes a 32% drop in violent crime.

Here in Phoenix, we have another example.  We are cutting the amount of money going to K-12 from the State.  An article in the Arizona Republic rightly notes that there are a laundry list of reason for the reductions when you look at individual school districts, but let’s look at one specific district, the Alhambra Elementary School District.

[the Alhambra District] is 70 percent Latino, has lost 1,000 students, 6.5 percent of its enrollment, since 2007. Superintendent Karen Williams doesn’t blame the recession. She blames a 2007 state law that permits fining businesses for hiring illegal immigrants and the subsequent rancorous debate over immigration around the state. Williams says many parents moved out of Arizona.

It’s an interesting article and there are some specifically non-immigration things that the Alhambra district is doing that you’ll find interesting.

Bottom line, once again, crack down on illegal immigration and illegals will run like cockroaches exposed to the light.

Let’s take a look at our neighboring state, New Mexico.  The good folks of New Mexico elected a Republican Governor last November.  She also happens to be Hispanic.

(Reuters) – The nation’s first female Hispanic governor has angered many Latinos with a proposal to repeal a New Mexico state law allowing illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses.

Newly-elected Governor Susana Martinez, a Republican who ran on a promise to get tough on illegal immigration, this week added fuel to the fire by using leftover campaign funds to pay for a radio ad urging support for her repeal efforts.

Needless to say, the Left is going bonkers. I mean hey, this woman doesn’t know her place. Just who does she think she is? I think they’ll find out and I also think they won’t like the answer. Heh.

I’m hoping the next shot fired across the bow in illegals floating into our country – note: OUR country – will be a combined effort by Republican States Attorneys General going after voter fraud. Kansas new Secretary of State, who happens to be the same guy who wrote Arizona’s SB1070, has vowed to pass tough voter fraud laws in Kansas. Those can be used as a model for other states just like SB1070 is being modeled in about a dozen other states today.

The bottom line of all this is that there are a wide variety of things that states can do, and do without challenge even from the Obama Justice Department, that will have a major impact on the cost of illegal aliens in their states. True, we’re exporting the problem across state lines to places like California, but tough. If you want ’em you can have ’em and I’m willing to charter a bus to transport ’em to LA and San Francisco. Our goal should be to make our states a hospitable and welcoming place for legal immigrants and we should view illegal aliens with the same disdain we view child molesters.

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