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Yes Virginia, some good things might happen in Washington…

The key being “might”, but at least the noise indicates that we’re leaning in the right direction.

A whole group of “feeling better” thingys from enemy held territory known as Washington DC.

The first is from Fred Upton (R-MI) who has taken a whole bunch of heat from Conservatives as being a squish because, among other things, he voted to do away with incandescent light bulbs.  According to Politico, it looks like he’s getting ready to man-up on ObamaCare though.

Incoming House Energy and Commerce Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.) said the new Republican-controlled House will look to repeal Democratic health care overhaul legislation before President Barack Obama delivers his State of the Union address later this month.
Upton, whose committee will key in the GOP’s effort to roll back the law, said that he believes the House may be near the two-thirds majority required to override a presidential veto. Short of repeal, Upton said the House will “go after this bill piece by piece.”

I like that.  Go after the whole thing and then go after it piece by piece.  That keeps it in front of the common folk for the next two years.  And as Curella Pelosi found out, the more the American People read the bill the less we like it.  And the less we like the arrogant jerks who passed it.  If nothing else, the strategy will do two things, first of all it will drive public opinion even further into the tank on ObamaCare making it much easier to defund the portions of it that are supposed to be “live” over the next two years.  Second, I would guess it could be worth another 20 House seats currently occupied by Democrats.  Oh and let’s not forget the guy for whom ObamaCare is named is also up for election in ’12.

It’s a win-win-win.

The second good thing would be a demonstration that people on the Left are not and should not be considered to be “friends” by those of us on the right.  I choke every time I remember Senator Orrin Hatch’s completely asinine comment about Senator Teddy “Waterboy” Kennedy.  “…and my good friend Senator Kennedy – and he IS my good friend…”, not only do I choke but I long for the day when the good people of Utah have the opportunity to ram that comment [down Hatch’s throat] and throw him out of the Senate.  Interestingly enough, Hatch is up in ’12 and the good folks in Utah have already proved they won’t take crap from their sitting Senators AND they have a deep bench of very conservative Republicans ready to replace them.  Sunday, on Face the Nation, incoming Rep. Mike Kelly of PA got into a shouting match with a NY Dem.  And as reported by Politico, really zapped him in parting.

Incoming Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) got into a shouting match with Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”Most of the substance was drowned out by incessant shouting, but Kelly did throw some fire Weiner’s way.

“You are very amusing,” Kelly said. “You have never, in your life, you have never done anything on your own with your own skin in the game.”

I absolutely love that one.  It really drives home the point that CongressCritters – and especially Democratic Critters – have never held a real job in their lives.  They’ve never had to make a payroll.  They’ve never created a real, productive job.  And yet they are arrogant enough to think they’re “important”.  Mr. Weiner, you – and your fellow travelers – are pathetic.  And Rep. Kelly, glad you’re there.

Third is Fred Upton again.

Unconstitutional power grab. Regulatory assault. Job-killing scheme.

These are just a few of the phrases Rep. Fred Upton has used to described the Obama administration’s bid to unilaterally regulate emissions through the EPA, in the absence of a comprehensive “cap-and-trade” energy bill. Upton’s rhetoric, and his enthusiasm for defeating a host of new pollution rules, will get a powerful platform next session when he assumes the chairmanship of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

“We will fight the administration’s relentless assault on jobs — and stop them from doing through regulation what they have been unable to accomplish through legislation,” Upton told FoxNews.com…

And, despite the very best efforts of jerks on our side like Lindsey Graham, there will be no Cap&Tax in this Congress.  Fred, I’ll admit I didn’t want you heading up any committees, but you’ve earned a pass from me so far.  Keep up the good work and I certainly hope your actions match your words.

So, on this second day of the new year I’m feeling pretty good about 2011.

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