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Here Come the War! Here Come the War!

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Order on the battlefield in the Congress!
Here Come the WAR!

And we’ll lead off with my vote for the most fatuous comment of a still infant 2011…

(Reuters) – President Barack Obama is willing to make difficult choices on spending cuts when he unveils his budget next month, a senior aide said on Sunday.

OK, that Reuters lede.  Let’s keep in mind the real world.  Democrats held pretty much bulletproof majorities in both houses of Congress – especially in the House of Representatives where spending bill must start – for the last two years.  And what don’t we have, nearly four months into the new fiscal year?  Well thanks for asking!  And the answer would be “a budget”.  So, House Republicans will now get to have the most fun you can have fully dressed, they get to assemble a budget for the remainder of this fiscal year.  And guess what?  It’s THEY who will actually make the “difficult choices on spending cuts” not BozoThePresident.  And if there is any question in your mind about that, let the second paragraph of the Reuters article put your mind to rest.

But White House economist Austan Goolsbee said it was important not to “skimp” on important investments like education.

In other words, gentle reader, BtP and his ilk are going to continue to fund the leeches at the US Department of Education, propping up the NEA, one of the Democrats biggest funding sources and a mainstay in their Marxist base.  Keep in mind that we have 64 new Republican House Members, most of whom ran on a “cut spending NOW” platform.  Reuters lays out the sides in the war, BtP and the Marxists on one side, Republicans on the other.

A fight is looming as Obama prepares to unveil his annual budget proposal in mid-February. Republicans who won control of the House of Representatives in November elections have vowed to roll back federal spending to 2008 levels, with exceptions for the elderly, U.S. troops and veterans.

So, we may be looking as having sacred cow for dinner.  Department of Education, EPA look out.  Here comes the mob.  Republicans in the leadership are starting to lay out rubber mats so the carpets don’t get too bloody, although I’d suggest that blood stains on the carpets are a good reminder for the future.  From the Washington Times Darryl Issa lays down a challenge and a Republican adviser drops the bomb.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The GOP’s top House investigator in the new Congress is putting the White House on notice that he’s going to be aggressive in going after what he considers wasteful spending by the Obama administration.

Rep. Darrell Issa, California Republican, is set to lead the House Oversight and Government Reform — and gain the chairman’s subpoena power.

Mr. Issa suggested on “Fox News Sunday” that the White House should hire more accountants — not lawyers — to deal with requests for information from the Republican-led House. He said it’s “more of an accounting function than a legal function.”

And the bomb…

“Where the rubber will hit the road will be on the debt limit,” said John Feehery, a Republican adviser and former top House aide. “What kind of budget concessions will Obama agree to in exchange for keeping the government functioning?”

Unfortunately, Republicans have long enough memories to recall President Clinton neutering Newt over the government shutdown.  So do Democrats.  There’s also the history that says that every time it comes to a nose-to-nose with Democrats, it tends to be the Republicans who blink.  We’ll see.  Boehner etal did manage to get the most of Bush tax cuts extended in the Lame Duck.

Attention Republican Leadership, we’re out of time.  It’s time for you to man-up and do the hard work.  And cutting the rate of increase in spending pretty much won’t make it anymore, it’s time for real cuts.  Actually, it’s time to start eliminating Cabinet Level departments like the Department of Education that doesn’t “educate” anybody and just feeds NEA dues into the Democratic Party from unsuspecting taxpayers but I understand that is an impossibility with BtP in the Oval Office.  But you can take an axe to departments like the EPA and in the process put a stop to their efforts to regulate the economy into a full blown depression and let BtP know in no uncertain terms that he’s not going to be able to press his Marxist agenda with regulators, by-passing the Congress.

So suck it up and get with it.

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