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We have to pass the bill so we can find out what’s in it.

Nancy Pelosi

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You betcha Nancy.

And the Washington Post makes just of the million or so points relative to that stupid statement that underlines why you are about to be the “former” Speaker of the House.  And Ms. Pelosi, you know you’re in deep doo-doo when the Washington Post calls you out, even when they do it circumspectly.  The really amazing thing to me is that when you made that idiotic statement I believe that you actually didn’t see anything amiss with it.

Oh well, anyway, gee, we’ve seemed to find all kinds of stuff in that bill that you and President Obama told us wasn’t there.  Like DeathPanels.  Again.  I’d produce a short – no, actually a long – list of “unexpected” stuff but our readers already know about most of it which is why a whole bunch of your colleagues are looking for lobbying jobs (heaven knows they can’t go back to their districts and get real jobs).  So, I’ll just pounce on the latest one.  Call it taking advantage of low-hanging fruit by a lazy old guy.

One of the first parts of the new health care law ready for consumers – special health plans devoted to the insurance industry’s rejects – is attracting only a fraction of the predicted customers… At the same time, since the plans opened for business in the late summer and early fall, the medical bills so far are, in at least a few states, much higher than anticipated, raising the question of whether $5 billion that Congress has devoted to the program could run out even if relatively few people join.

Hence the inclusion of this story in the “Unexpected Stuff” category. Your involvement in the legislation is what put it in the “Criminal Legislative Action” category. But we digress.

Last spring, the Medicare program’s chief actuary predicted that 375,000 people would sign up by the end of 2010. In early November, the Health and Human Services Department reported that just 8,000 people had enrolled.
Montana is one of a few states in which the medical bills from those who have joined are huge. New Hampshire’s plan has only about 80 members, but they already have spent nearly double the $650,000 the state was allotted in federal money to help run the program…

Feel free to read the rest of the article. It’s full of pap and smears from government bureaucrats and fools. Oops there’s a redundancy. Anyway, let’s get to the bottom line. Big government program offered up to “help the helpless”. We’re told there’s a bazillion of them. Gee, a couple of them show up to get their FREE!!!! MONEY!!!!! And it turns out that the couple that show up will probably cost more than the bazillion were going to cost. Well gosh, that sure was unexpected.

Now then gentle reader, please remember that these folks who screwed up this little computation are the same ones who are handing out twenty year projections showing how much of your money they are going to save with this albatross.

At this point, I just have two pieces of simple advice:

  • Vote Republican. Down the line.
  • Buy ammunition in case lots.
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