It’s a new day in Kansas…

Or, as a certain former Governor of Kansas might say… Gee Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore!

Politics in Kansas – heck, life in Kansas is gonna be different starting in the new year. In addition to moving from one of the most pro-abortion governors in the nation (see above) to one of the most pro-life, there are other BIG changes on the horizon. Like in the Secretary of State’s office.

Outside of Kansas, Kris Kobach is best known as an expert on immigration issues. He’s the author of Arizona’s anti-illegal-immigration law, a longtime counsel to the Immigration Law Reform Institute and a hero within the border-security movement.

Inside Kansas, he wears another hat entirely. He’s the newly elected secretary of state, having ousted Democratic incumbent Chris Biggs by a margin of 59 percent to 37 percent.

Why would someone who’s devoted his career to fighting illegal immigration want to become chief vote-counter for the state of Kansas? Suffice it to say that Mr. Kobach devoted his campaign to one issue, and that issue was voter fraud – and it too has an immigration angle.

The specter of illegal immigrants casting votes in U.S. elections has long frustrated Republicans, and Mr. Kobach is now poised to do something about it. Even before he’s sworn in, he’s already hard at work drafting voter-fraud legislation that he says will be most the comprehensive in the nation.

“This will be head and shoulders above anything any state has ever done to secure the voting process,” he said. “My hope is to create a model with regard to stopping voter fraud that can be used in other states, like we did in Arizona” with immigration.

I’ve been calling forever, or at least it seems forever, for Attorneys General in a variety of states to work together on voter fraud and use the RICO statutes against people like ACORN (and their replacements) and the SEIU. For starters. Hopefully Mr. Kobach will lay down marker in Kansas that can be used as a model across the country.

Needless to say, his opponents are apoplectic.

Cracked Ms. [Ernestine] Krehbiel [president of the LOWV of Kansas], “As one of our coalition members said, you have a better chance of being bitten by a great white shark than finding a voter-fraud case in Kansas.”

Well hey Ernestine, thanks for that little tidbit, but even if you’re right, the new law will be used as a baseline for other states and could very well be the tool we need to get some new prisons built and filled. And, unlike the immigration law – Arizona’s SB1070 – this one on voter fraud will be much, much harder to challenge.

Mr. Kobach appears to have the law on his side. Indiana’s voter-fraud law, which requires voters to show unexpired, government-issued photo I.D. at the polls, was upheld by the Supreme Court in 2008 and again by the Indiana Supreme Court in June.

Now then, if we can just get someone to take the US DoJ to court to apply ALL parts of the voting rights act and force states to purge their voter lists, as required by the act, prior to the next election, we might have a US Congress with a dozen Democrats total. Heh.

Welcome aboard Mr Kobach. And Ernestine, eat your heart out.


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