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Fun in California and Massachusetts. And especially New Jersey…

At least I hope in New Jersey…

We noted earlier the problems faced by the idiots who run California with their little $25B or so budget shortfall. Well, actually it’s a revenue shortfall. And today we find out that Moonbeam, etal aren’t alone from an article in the Boston Globe. And they’ve been doing the same thing in Massachusetts that the fools in California have been up to, basically avoidance and accounting games.

For months, Governor Deval Patrick has repeatedly sidestepped questions about how he intends to close a massive budget hole next year, saying that rising tax collections suggest that the gap is shrinking.

But his generalities and wait-and-see approach will give way to stark assessments today when administration officials, economists, and state lawmakers gather at the State House to begin confronting the budget for the fiscal year that begins in July.
They say that even though the state has collected about $500 million more in taxes than was expected so far this year, that gain is being completely absorbed by increasing demand for health insurance for the poor, homeless shelters, and public defenders. In addition, about $1.5 billion in federal stimulus money that the state used to avert deeper cuts this year is gone, leaving the state with few options to paper over its problems.

“It’s a $2 billion gap, and the difference between that and the past is, that’s a real gap,’’ said Steven C. Panagiotakos, the Senate’s outgoing budget chief. “So that $2 billion is going to really mean huge cuts in services and in employees. Let’s face it: It’s government services across the board.’’

I absolutely love this. States are busy going absolutely broke and last time around the BoyMarxist™ was there with federal money so they didn’t have to deal with the reality of life on the Left. And gosh, the money has done run out. I’m guessing the probability of the Republican House tossing a new pile of cash to places like California and Massachusetts so they don’t have to deal with their pubic employee unions is about zip. Nada. Bupkis. Not gonna happen.

Oh, and just what is the major cause of the problem? Well, there’s the economy thingy. And then there’s the RomneyCare problem. Take note folks. That’s not even the tip of the tip of the iceburg.

Ahhh, I’d love to be a fly on the wall in Chris Christie’s office when Moonbeam and Deval call him to get some tips on dealing with unions. Or on the wall in the Oval Office when Deval calls his buddy RexO™ about the health care thingy. Heh.

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