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New York Times reporting bad news on terrorist financing.

Not a good picture painted in the New York Times today by Eric Lichtblau and Eric Schmitt with respect to shutting down terrorist organizations being funded from around the world. Bottom line, we may be using Predator drones and Hellfire missiles on AQ in Pakistan, but we can’t seem to shut down the flow of money an enemy with whom we are at war. One would think it would be more difficult to find and track AQ leaders in the most remote parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan than to track money flows.

WASHINGTON — Nine years after the United States vowed to shut down the money pipeline that finances terrorism, senior Obama administration officials say they believe that many millions of dollars are flowing largely unimpeded to extremist groups worldwide, and they have grown frustrated by frequent resistance from allies in the Middle East, according to secret diplomatic dispatches.
While American officials have publicly been relatively upbeat about their progress in disrupting terrorist financing, the internal State Department cables, obtained by WikiLeaks and made available to several news organizations, offer a more pessimistic account, with blunt assessments of the threats to the United States from money flowing to militants affiliated with Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Hamas, Lashkar-e-Taiba and other groups.
While federal officials can point to some successes — prosecutions, seizures of money and tightened money-laundering regulations in foreign countries — the results have often been frustrating, the cables show.

Oh, silly me. It WAS easier for quite a while. Until a career member of the Department of Justice (?) outed an absolutely legal program that was successfully putting a major dent in terrorist’s ability to move money around the globe and finance their operations. Said, now retired (not arrested or shot), career DoJ employee didn’t like the SWIFT program and gave up the details to Eric Lichtblau and Eric Schmitt who then saw it published on the front page of the Times.

The Bush administration “asked” the Times management not to publish the information. After some thought, the Times told the Administration pee up a rope. SWIFT was effectively shut down the day the story hit the front page. The net result is that terrorists are able to move money with impunity. The Bush administration made loud noises about how this hurt our ability to prosecute the war and the Times – and the Left – pooh-poohed the concerns.

Maybe now that apparently a Democratic President is concerned this can become a priority for the Obama Administration now that BO is trying desperately to redeem his image – whatever that is supposed to be – and we can run a Predator mission over Times Square. If a targeting picture is needed, here ya go guys…

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