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It’s a Steele Meltdown!!

So Michael Steele doesn’t want to give up his job at the RNC. He’s done a great job, so says he, just look at the ’10 results.

Well Mr. Steele, there is some question about just exactly what your contribution was toward the good results last month, and that argument is pretty well publicized so I won’t bother repeating it. The bottom line, if you’re a cave dweller and missed it, is that there is some question about whether it was the Tea Parties or Steele who actually got Republicans to turn out and vote and who actually made the case that a Republican Congress was pretty much a matter of life and death this year.

Skipping over that argument, the Washington Times has an interesting piece on one of the most critical functions of the head of the RNC…

The Republican National Committee’s inability to reach its own fundraising goals for this year’s elections was more serious than its budget makers expected and the malaise has even spread to small-money donors, The Washington Times has learned.
As a result of poor fundraising compounded by controversial spending practices, the RNC will enter the 2012 presidential election cycle between $20 million and $25 million in debt — not the $15 million reported over the weekend.

“It’s the biggest debt the national committee ever had going into a presidential election cycle — at least in my memory,” said former RNC General Counsel David Norcross.
But the worst news may be, [RNC Treasurer Randy] Pullen suggested, “the extraordinarily high cost of fundraising” during the Steele administration. He said between January through September, the RNC got $82 million in contributions but only $31 million of that was left over after costs of fundraising were deducted.

So Mr. Steele, you’ve gotten the RNC about $25MM in debt and your cost of fundraising is almost 40% of every dollar you raise. And you think you should keep your job. Ummm, I don’t think so. I’m actively promoting a candidate for your job, but my Dead White Cat could probably do it better. Certainly he wouldn’t be worse.

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