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Did I mention that elected Democrats are members of the Criminal Class?

I am remiss. This hit the wires last Wednesday and I got wound up with other stuff and forgot about it. Hey, there’s enough Democratci corruption going around on the front pages lately, it was easy to forget. And is about Silky Pony which makes it even easier to forget. But I digress.

Apparently the FBI is still crawling around in John Edwards financial underwear. According to the report in Politico they rea really interested in some “campaign finance transactions” that probably involved his other underwear.

In a sign that the federal investigation of former candidate John Edwards remains very much alive, the FBI this fall approached and interviewed a number of his campaign aides, two former Edwards aides told POLITICO.
The investigators, one of the interviewees said, asked a wide range of questions that revolved around possible campaign finance infractions…
The North Carolina press reported in October that a federal grand jury in Raleigh had issued a number of new subpoenas, and the FBI interviews appear to have begun in roughly the same time frame.
The grand jury has been investigating for more than a year whether payments to Rielle Hunter by the Edwards campaign (for videos she produced) or by his friend Fred Baron and supporter Bunny Mellon violated the law.

Oh, and while we’re at it, Silky Pony according to another Politico article is still paying his lawyers and has aides on staff. Keep in mind, this money is apparently left over from his 2008 Presidential Campaign. I’m still in mourning that he didn’t win.

Recent FEC filings show payments of about $22,000 a month to Utrecht & Phillips, a Washington, D.C. firm.
Edwards’ campaign is also still paying three staffers…

FWIW, two of the three still on the payroll are women. I wonder if he’s being faithful to his NEW squeeze?


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