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It’s a Victimology Poster Contest.

Or something like that. My vocabulary isn’t big enough to adequately come up with description of this story from Roll Call. The basics look like this:

  • A group of wealthy men and women.
  • Each one privileged beyond belief.
  • Each one owes their office and their fortune not to their accomplishments or creativity but to legally gerrymandered Congressional House districts.
  • They have ingratiated themselves to their constituency with hand outs from the federal budget.
  • They use not their ability or their intelligence or their accomplishments but the idea that they are somehow “victims” of society to perpetuate their positions and enhance their power.
  • They think they should be untouchable by the law or from any criticism of actions that would land others in prison.
  • They are the US equivalent of the European Royals.
  • They are the Congressional Black Caucus.

The latest poster boy for the Victims Hall of Fame would be Charles Rangle, a long time Member of the House from a gerrymandered, legally required “majority-minority district” that keeps sending him back to Congress no matter what. If you’ve been living in a cave and missed it, Charlie is the latest in a long line of members of the Criminal Black Caucus to be either prosecuted or reprimanded. (Maxine Waters will likely be next.)

Charlie got caught in some ethical violations and was censured by the House.

You can read about his travails here. Bottom line, he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He protests his innocence, but then again so did John Wayne Gacy.

So anyway, the House Ethics Committee slapped his hand and sent a bill of particulars to House floor for a vote on punishment. There were basically two options and unfortunately prison time wasn’t one of them – and that could be an option for Maxine. Option One, a letter from the House leadership mentioning that Chuckles is a few fries short of a Happy Meal in the ethics department. That would be called a “reprimand”, and for those of you with children please note, no time out, just a nasty letter. Option Two, Chuckles stands in the well of the House and the leadership says bad things about him and the soliloquy goes into the Congressional Record. That is called “censure”. Please note that neither of these options will keep Rangel from getting elected in his district for as long as he lives. And probably then some. The House chose Option Two. The Criminal Black Caucus is up in arms.

The censure of Rep. Charlie Rangel this week opened up raw wounds within the Democratic Caucus, with members of the Congressional Black Caucus and others angry that fellow Democrats, including several key lieutenants to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), blocked an effort to give him a lesser punishment.

The CBC had been whipping hard on a motion by Rep. G.K. Butterfield (D-N.C.) to amend the censure resolution to a reprimand for the New York Democrat…
Early voting on the measure was nearly even before several top Pelosi lieutenants started to come out against a reprimand, including Democratic Reps. George Miller (Calif.), Anna Eshoo (Calif.) and Steve Israel (N.Y.), Pelosi’s pick to chair the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

The final vote wasn’t close, and about half of the supporters of the reprimand amendment ultimately voted for censure.

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.), the incoming chairman of the CBC, said people are talking about how Pelosi lieutenants, and Israel in particular, voted. “His vote did not go unnoticed,” Cleaver said Friday. “The votes of Mr. Israel and others were not ignored by a number of Members who brought it to my attention on the floor.”

There already is “lingering anger for years past, when the DCCC ignored or at best takes CBC members for granted…”

Taken for granted? Hey, that’s what happens when you get your job as the result of court action and affirmative action.

I have to admit I’m enjoying the daylights out of this little flap. The guilt ridden (and openly racist) white Democrats go all out to build a nice plantation where minorities – blacks especially – can be housed and where they won’t have to deal with any of those pesky non-minorities. They end up with a group of people who are standouts for incompetence and corruption even in the US Congress, a perennial home for the incompetent and corrupt.

Once again, let’s remember that there is no punishment involved here. No jail time, even in a co-ed facility so he could spend quality time with his friend John Conyers felonious wife. No chance the fools who’ve sent Rangel to Congress for twenty straight terms won’t send him back in ’12. No fine, no loss of pay or benefits. Zip. Nothing. Nada. Bupkis. And Rep Cleaver has his panties in a wad (opps, that would more likely be Barney Frank…), anyway, over the House picking on Rangel. And soon picking on Waters. Just because they’re minorities. Or something like that.

Now then, to the real point of this tome, if you wonder why boys in the “minority community” drop out of school and end up in prison, just take a look at Rangel and Waters and especially jerks like Cleaver who has made a life’s work out of claiming victim status for himself and his co-racists. Hell of bunch of role models.

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