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Even more good news…

Well, for a grouchy old guy I’m pretty much a happy camper today. I’ve been able to award two 908 Straight St! Know Your Enemy Awards and today I get to write about the soon-to-be death of an exercise in insanity and political pandering. As reported at Bloomberg yesterday…

Republicans will eliminate the House committee created by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to highlight the threat of climate change, Representative James Sensenbrenner, the top Republican on the panel, said today.

In one of her first acts as speaker in 2007, Pelosi, a California Democrat, created the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming to draw attention to climate-change science and showcase how a cap on carbon dioxide needn’t be a threat to economic growth.

And from the CBS report on the subject, John Boehner got his two cents in too…

…incoming House Speaker John Boehner announced on Wednesday, arguing that the committee is unnecessary and that its eradication would cut government waste.

“The global warming committee doesn’t need to be a separate committee,” Boehner told reporters. “We believe the Science Committee is more than capable of handling this issue, and in the process we’ll save several million dollars.”

Oh gosh. We’ll be baked in the broiling sun and our children will be drowned by the rising oceans.

Or something like that.

The reaction was predictable as noted in Bloomberg…

Drew Hammill, a spokesman for Pelosi, said it’s “very disappointing” that House Republicans will shut the committee and won’t make energy independence and climate change a priority in the next Congress.

“Disbanding the select committee does not diminish the urgent need to act on these very critical issues,” Hammill said in an e-mailed statement.

Of course Bloomberg also felt the need to quote the eminent authority on climate “science”, ThinkProgress…

The election increased the ranks of Republican climate- change skeptics in both the House and Senate, according to ThinkProgress, an arm of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, a Washington research group allied with Democrats.

The ThinkProgress opinion was balanced by a comment from… oh yeah, nobody.

Anyway, I’m thinking some positive thoughts about the new House. One dead committee and the open threat to defund chunks of the EPA. It’s a decent start.

Now then, about that ethanol stuff that is going to starve a chuck of the world and keep our food prices up there…

  1. redneck_hippie
    December 3, 2010 at 4:43 pm

    Hi Beck’ Lovely article. Site, too. Obama is blathering about “his” tax cuts of the last 2 years, being lumped in with “negotiations” over the Obama tax hikes in ’11. Can’t remember who said it, but whoever it was is certain that means Obama will cave on extensions for all income levels. Makes sense to me.

  1. December 3, 2010 at 10:54 am

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