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Maybe we’ve found a new Howard Jarvis!! Yay!!!!

As a refresher, Howard Jarvis was the guy who brought us the tax revolt.  He was the author of Prop 13 in California and was roundly celebrated by The Left as the Great Satin who would bring “progress” to a complete halt.  The attacks on Jarvis made the war on Palin look like a spat in a playground.  Mostly because Jarvis actually did something to slow the growth of liberalism in California – and I know just how hard that is to believe for those who weren’t there.  Jarvis, bless his heart, was never confused with a shrinking violet.  He gave back better than he got.  The example I noted in Monday’s Malaise, courtesy of Wes Pruden, went like this…

He didn’t listen to the timid marketing men who urged him to soften his language, and he described the cocktail-party Republicans in opposition as “the stupidest people in the world except for businessmen, who have a genius for stupidity.” The oh-so-proper League of Women Voters, which led the prissy opposition, was “a bunch of nosy broads who front for the big spenders.” The tax issue, he said, “is Armageddon, a war of machetes. They’re going to cut off our heads, or we’re going to cut off theirs.”

On election night, after he had won 70 percent of the votes, he gloated that “now we know how it felt when they dumped English tea into Boston Harbor.” Nov. 2 of this year proved again that tea, even in blue-green California, can be 90-proof stuff.

Needless to say, Jarvis drove The Left off a cliff.

So today, we have, appearing on the Scene in Washington DC, a man who may well upstage Jarvis and do it on the national stage. And he’ll do it the same way Jarvis did it, with stunning accomplishments and with straight talk. His name is Allen West and he’s the new Member of the House representing FL22. He also happens to be a retired Army LtCol. Oh, and he’ll be a member of The Black Caucus in the new Congress and the Washington Post was kind enough to profile West yesterday to give the minority House Democrats (and that would be “minority” in every sense of the word) a little to time to find cover before West really gets rolling.

We should glace at some history to really appreciate the man Col West is. He was not your average, run of the mill career Army officer. Growing up, his dad was a WWII vet who worked in a VA hospital and his mom held a job at a Marine Corps barracks. “No question I was going into the military,” West has said. But it’s what he accomplished as an officer that makes me appreciate West. In 2003 he was stationed in Iraq and his unit captured a terrorist leader. They were reasonably sure the guy had information about planned attacks on US troops and they questioned him but got nothing. After a time, West went into the interrogation room, had the terrorist taken outside into the yard and started asking questions. The terrorist didn’t respond because he was apparently aware of the sensitivities of Americans when it comes to asking questions of prisoners. It turns out that West isn’t the sensitive type. He had the terrorist thrown down on the ground, drew his service automatic and fired a round into the ground next to the terrorist’s head. The guy gave up the plans for missions against US troops and West’s soldiers were able to round up some significant terrorist cells in their region of Iraq. Keeping in mind that no good deed goes goes unpunished…

West was charged by military authorities and forced to retire after firing a handgun near the head of an Iraqi police officer during an interrogation in 2003. The officer was suspected of having information about attacks on U.S. forces in the area. West admitted wrongdoing and paid a fine. His case became a cause celebre for conservative media personalities, and 95 members of Congress signed a letter to the Army secretary in support of him.

That little snippet leaves out the fact that there was a serious move afoot to court martial West. Reason – sort of – prevailed and he was allowed to retire.

Anyway, I’m so happy to have West in the next Congress I could just – well whatever. He is a plain spoken, focused man of accomplishment. When he ran for Congress in 2006, he got no help from the national Republican organizations, so he’s no particular friend of the NRC or the NRCC.

Allen West, a 22-year Army veteran, is preparing for Washington a bit like he would for a battlefield. His “high and tight” hairstyle will be one of the only buzz cuts in Congress. He plans to carry a camouflage bag, not a briefcase.

And on a recent morning, while others in the Republican Party’s large incoming freshman class jockeyed for office space, he declared himself largely indifferent.
“I’ve lived in tents,” said West…

West brings to the party a strong personality and, with repeat appearances on Fox News and a spot this past Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” a profile that many incoming members of Congress would covet. But he’s also an unpredictable force, inclined to be an outsider – even within the GOP.
In an interview, he said he doesn’t admire anyone in Washington.
West, 49, sees himself stepping to the front lines of an ideological war in which he is fighting liberals who want “a country that creates victims where we enslave the American spirit,” he said.
Cris Kurtz, the leader of USA Patriots, a tea-party-affiliated group in Tulsa, likened West’s influence in the movement to that of Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), who has sometimes bucked his party’s leadership. Kurtz described West as “awesome” after hearing him speak at a Kansas rally to support U.S. troops imprisoned for killing Iraqis in violation of U.S. policy.
“He speaks truth in boldness,”Kurtz said.

West is apparently going to be invited to join the CBC. It will be refreshing to have an honest and honorable man sitting in those meetings. And unlike the current crop of CBC members, West didn’t need a gerrymandered district to get elected to Congress, his district is 83% white.

Welcome to Congress Col West, it’s good to have a man of solid accomplishments and solid beliefs on our side. I think you’ll go a very long way.

  1. November 26, 2010 at 5:51 am

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  2. Don
    November 26, 2010 at 8:50 am

    He also said something like “I’d walk through hell with a can of gasoline if it would keep my men safe”. Col. West is the real deal.

  3. December 12, 2010 at 4:52 am

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