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Saturday is THE appropriate day for this announcement…

From the Brain-Dead Old Fool

CHICAGO (AP) — Former Senator Carol Moseley Braun entered the race for Chicago mayor on Saturday by reintroducing herself to voters, some of whom were not born when she last won election in 1992.
Ms. Braun joins a crowded field that includes the former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel.
Ms. Braun, 63, made history in 1992, when she became the first black woman elected to the United States Senate [a seat Barack Obama later used as a stepping stone to making a real run at destroying the nation]. She lost a re-election bid in 1998 and was later named ambassador to New Zealand. She also ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic nomination for president in 2004.
In the mayor’s race, Ms. Braun will most likely have to address some past miscues that raised questions about her judgment, including a highly criticized visit with a brutal Nigerian dictator when she was a senator and never-proved accusations about misused campaign money.

Ms. Braun is apparently counting on her business experience running a small company that specializes in coffee, tea and spices to be a plus with voters. She said that she has had to work hard to weather the recession, which has battered businesses, both big and small.

Well, that is more experience than Barack had when he was elected President. But, he didn’t have to run against Rahm Emmanuel. According to the article, the usual suspects from the Criminal Caucus have endorsed Braun.

Looks to me like Chicago is destined to be TheNextDetroit! Boy am I glad I live in Phoenix.

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    Very interesting and useful information, thanks!

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