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Taking it to the enemy.

It’s time that Republicans make every Democrat pay for the positions of the EvilParty™.

Every elected Democrat supports the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda. All of ’em. There is no such thing as a “conservative Democrat” and there is nothing as offensive as the idea of a “pro-life Democrat”. Or a Democrat that supports immigration enforcement for that matter. Especially in Arizona. And it’s time to start making these hypocrites pay for the positions of their party. As in pay with their jobs. The O/P/R Agenda is an albatross that EVERY Democratic candidate/officeholder needs to have hung around their neck.

Specifically in Arizona, the Democratic Party is leading the charge to boycott our state because of SB1070. The call for boycotts has been led by a Democratic CongressCritter and needs to be hung around every Democratic candidate in Arizona. In addition to their support for boycotts, Arizona Democrats also support – and get support from – unions. Arizona is a right-to-work state and we really have no use for card check or union thugs.

Governor Brewer – who I have no particular use for – is doing a good job through her campaign spokesman on this issue and national Republicans should take note.

From today’s AZ Republic

The unions also have encouraged boycotts of Arizona, including moving the 2011 Major League Baseball All-Star Game out of the state.
The targeted Democrats – including gubernatorial candidate Terry Goddard, attorney-general candidate Felecia Rotellini, treasurer candidate Andrei Cherny, as well as congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords and Ann Kirkpatrick – all have been endorsed or received campaign funding from the unions.
“Democrats like Terry Goddard can claim to be against the boycott, but when it comes down to it, he embraces the union interests who are leading the effort to kill Arizona’s economy,” Brewer said in a news release.
The governor’s voter-approval ratings have soared in recent months, in part due to her signing of SB 1070 in April. And many Arizonans have a natural distrust of unions, so playing off that feeling is a smart strategy, said Bruce Merrill, director of the Cronkite/Eight Poll.
“It’s an argument that will have good resonance in Arizona,” he said.

Now is the time to go to war. Now is the time to win. If we don’t do it now it’ll never get done. Now is the time to demand that Republican Leaders actually lead and show the American people the true face of the enemy of the American Dream.

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