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Well gosh, TheWon may not be the only one with problems come January.

Well, lets hope so anyway…

And I’m not even talking about Democrats.

I would specifically be talking about one Mitch McConnell, currently Senate Minority Leader and resident holder of the Bob Michel Steer in a China Shop award. I’m sure Mitch is nice to his grandchildren and a wonderful guy to work for. He also happens to be a gutless wonder who has spent his tenure as Republican Leader trying to find new and creative ways to sell MY country down the river the “good & patriotic americans [sic]” who sit across the aisle in the Senate. Mitch, it’s time for you to step down. The American People need a man who is willing to fight for our nation. A man who is willing to use every tool available to stop the rolling agenda of the Obama Administration. A man who is comfortable with all out war on the real and present enemies of the United States of America – and that would be Democrats.

Here’s the problem Mitch has. He has a “kitchen cabinet”. It’s made up of people who “are flexible”. They look like this…

For the uninitiated, this would be: Sens. Johnny Isakson (R-GA), John McCain (R-AZ), Robert Bennett (R-UT), Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT)

Of the “flexible ones”, Bennett is gone, Murkowski may be gone and Hatch is very likely to run into the same buzzsaw that Bennett did if he continues his flexible ways. The conservative caucus in Utah is already queuing up a solid conservative contender to run against him in ’12. Tim Carney has the full story in today’s Washington Examiner, but the interesting thing is that the tide seems to be flowing against McConnell as much as it is the Democrats.

Lets keep in mind that McConnell is an institutional guy. He’s in Washington to “do the people’s business” and in his view that requires working with Democrats even when it means passing bad legislation that erodes our freedom and our individual liberties.

He’s lost probably two of his cohorts in the current round of primaries and I wouldn’t expect Senator Hatch to be all that “flexible” in the next couple of years because he’s likely to be on the street if he continues to be a smurf (even if he “gets tough” for that matter). And then there’s John McCain. McCain hasn’t been all that “flexible” for the last year, and IMO it had nothing to do with the primary squabble with JD Hayworth. It has everything to do with the fact that McCain is a contrarian and he excels at getting under the President’s skin, without regard to who POTUS may be. If that’s true, he’s going to be an inflexible pain in the butt for both Obama and McConnell for the next two years at a minimum. That leaves Johnny Isakson.

Oh, and then there’s the newbies who look like they’re coming to the Senate.

… trading Bennett for [Mike] Lee is trading a senator with a lifetime American Conservative Union rating of 84 percent for one who will be above 98 percent. But more importantly for Capitol Hill dynamics, it’s trading a quintessential team player for an inflexible conservative stalwart. Put Miller [replacing Murkowski] and Lee in the same chamber, and the legislative calendar could back up worse than the Washington Beltway at rush hour. One Republican operative, comparing these future senators with the upper chamber’s current gadflies, said Lee and Miller will make Jim DeMint and Tom Coburn look like lapdogs.

Lets not forget Rand Paul, from McConnell’s home state of Kentucky. He beat the tar out of Trey Greyson in their primary and Greyson was endorsed by McConnell. I’m guessing that if Paul turns out to be a team player of any variety he won’t be playing on Mitch’s team. And might some conservative firebrands have an effect on the overall tenor of the “worlds greatest deliberative body”? Ummm probably.

If Miller and Lee set the tone of the incoming freshman class, that could ensure that Colorado’s Ken Buck, Nevada’s Sharron Angle, and Kentucky’s Rand Paul — if they win — never fully assimilate to the Old Boys (and Girls) Club.

And lets not forget the new Senator from Pennsylvania. I have a hard time seeing Pat Toomey sucking up to Mitch. If the Republicans actually do the previously unthinkable and take over the Senate, I really like the idea of Senate Majority Leader Jim DeMint. If they don’t, but have a significant minority – 48 seats or so – I like the idea of DeMint leading the opposition with a group of Senators who will actually fight like hell for the country.

Does anybody out there know if there’s a primary challenger for Mitch next time around?


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