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Hypocrisy Thy Name is Chuckles…

And while he may be a clown, it’s not “Chuckles the Clown”.

It’s Chuckles Rangel, long time member of the Congressional Thieves Caucus and one of at least three good reasons to stop gerrymandering Congressional Districts for any reason, but especially for race.

Note: “He Delivers”

Over the weekend Chuckles made a statement – thank you NY Post – with two pearls embedded in it. The first is a history lesson, the second is a statement about the future that most of us knew was true but we’ve just never heard anybody stupid enough to actually say it. Until Chuckles came along of course.

First, with respect to history, and when you read this you’ll understand that for a certain class of dolt, history began on January 20, 2009…

“It’s very difficult to understand . . . when the commander-in-chief is leading our great nation involved in two wars for people to be so overtly critical of him knowing, knowing, that the enemies of democracy are listening to that — it’s just not right,”

I’m certainly glad I’ve never had to live through such a horrendous experience as people attacking a sitting President during two wars. I don’t understand why President Obama doesn’t get at least the same level of support from Republicans that President Bush got from Chuckles and his FellowTravelers™. So much for history.

Second, with respect to the future, lets talk about racism. And the fact that it will be with us forever, focused on as a tool to ensure permanent victimhood for minorities and an excuse for every kind of thievery and vile behavior you can imagine. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that only members of the CBC are thieves and criminals, there’s lots of pale members who are charter member of the CTC, including John Kerry who should be hanged for treason. The point of my criticism of Chuckles is that he actually fessed up that folks like him have institutionalized “racism” as an excuse for bad and illegal behavior and it ain’t going away if he’s got any say in it.

Lets hope that any say he has, along with any say Eddie and Maxine might have, comes through their lawyers because the Federal Corrections folks don’t usually let inmates have press conferences. Good riddance to the lot of you.


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