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No Snitchin’. Drug Kingpins and Congressmen.

It’s no secret that crime is endemic in the black community. A shocking percentage of young black males don’t finish high school, even the dumbed down ghetto version that is so common in the inner cities thanks to the hard work of the National Education Association and their lackeys in the Democratic Party who have so successfully blocked charter schools. An equally shocking percentage make crime their career path, in part because no real positive role models are available in the community.

For several years there has been an on-going campaign in the black community that demonstrates the depth of the problem that responsible people face in trying to get young people – especially young men – headed down the right track. Join Together highlights the problem from an article in 2006.

A grassroots campaign to discourage crime witnesses from talking to police is partially a response to the war on drugs, USA Today reported March 29 [2006].

T-shirts and hats with the message “Stop Snitching” have proliferated on the streets of cities like Pittsburgh, Boston, Baltimore, and New York. The trend has frustrated police and prosecutors, who say the intent is to intimidate witnesses.

The no-snitching message also has been delivered via rap songs and by the actions of celebrities; 50 witnesses to the murder of a bodyguard for rapper Busta Rhymes have refused to cooperate with police, including Rhymes himself. The murders of rappers Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G., and Run DMC’s Jam Master Jay have all gone unsolved for similar reasons.

Rappers and drug dealers and murderers seem to rule the day in the inner city. The people who should be the most concerned, the most motivated to make a real effort to intercede on behalf of cleaning up the inner city and pointing young men to productive careers instead of prison are those who claim to speak for the inner city, the elected representatives, men and women who should be working to raise the standards for their communities not simply reinforcing the decades old campaign to establish their victimhood.

So what do we find those denizens of virtue doing? And that would be the most prominent group of elected spokespersons for the black community and the inner cities that they typically represent, the Congressional Black Caucus. Well, the Washington Post has the latest update on their contribution to the national dialog on race. From The Fix

“The CBC has a very protective attitude toward CBC members who face ethics troubles,” said Alabama Democratic Rep. Artur Davis, who is black. Davis added that several CBC members were unhappy with comments he made about Rangel recently. Some CBC members believe the organization “should observe some code of silence” when it comes to ethics charges against their membership, Davis said.

Got that? Per the CBC, “No Snitchin'”. And why, pray tell, might we expect anything different from the young. They have obviously learned from the example they’ve been given. Thanks Congressman Davis. Things are a lot clearer now.

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