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Ahhhhh. NOW I understand what “racism” is…

The Congressional Black Caucus is making noises about “racism” in reference to the soon to be “trials” before the House Ethics Committee of Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters.  Over the weekend one of the members made the comment – without attribution – to the effect there are two standards of ethics, one for white Critters and a significantly more strict standard for Critters of Color.

Well, today those intrepid white, right-wing racists at The New York Times elaborated on how this “racism” thingy works…

WASHINGTON – Representative Maxine Waters admitted to another House member in late 2008 that she probably would have a conflict of interest if she intervened on behalf of a bank in which her husband owned stock – but she did so anyway…

So exactly what can we understand and what can we reasonably infer from this snippet?

  • She knew she would “probably” have a conflict of interest.
  • And she is a long serving Member of the House of Representatives.
  • I’m more than reasonably sure that she has at least one attorney on her staff who could have given her a definitive answer to any question she might have had.
  • I’m pretty sure she could have asked the Ethics Committee staff the question without penalty.
  • I’m absolutely sure that somewhere in the staff of the House Democrats there is an attorney would could have provided a definitive answer.
  • She had questions about the propriety of her actions and had the resources to find out whether actions would have adverse consequences.  At no personal cost to her I might add.
  • She did not take advantage of any of the resources available to her in order to avoid a potential problem.
  • She went ahead and acted in a manner that she knew would likely be, at best, problematical.
  • She then got caught doing what she did.

She’s been charged with violating House Ethics rules. She’s demanded a “trial” before the Ethics Committee, who in lieu of a “trial” would likely have issued a slap-on-the-wrist to a Member who would be reelected if she was caught with a live boy AND a dead girl. In other words, a penalty that is the rough equivalent of a parking ticket.

And she’s going to claim that she’s a “victim” of “racism”.

I’m certainly glad I got that clarified.

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