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The End of the Beginning…

Before you get any farther, let me be REALLY CLEAR. This is in no way, shape or form a defense of John McCain or a column in support of him. It is a outline of two things. First, it supports my contention that the “real” driving force behind John McCain is not Republican, Democrat, Conservative or Liberal. It’s not even “Maverick”. It’s Contrarian and it’s personal not related to policy. Second, there is a real sea change afoot, even amongst the “DC Republican Class”.

With respect to McCain, since he took himself out of the 2000 POTUS contest by getting caught lying about his position on abortion, he has picked issues that he was able to garner tons of media exposure and in the process be a real thorn in the side of conservatives (who he wrongly blames for his failed POTUS bid) and whoever happens to be President. As it happens, given the current occupant of the White House, he seems to be more tuned in to being a thorn in BHO’s side which coincidentally has him siding with the more conservative elements in the Republican Party. I don’t see that changing given the absolute intransigence of the desire of the Far Left to remake the worst elements of the USSR and the falling ratings of the Party in charge of that change. McCain may be self absorbed but he’s not stupid. Which brings us to the Politico article of note which uses the immigration issue to highlight both of my earlier points.

…the onetime champion of comprehensive immigration reform appears nowhere near ready to rejoin Democrats in the fight, which left him alienated from his party and feeling abandoned by Hispanic voters during the bruising 2008 presidential election. Not a chance, McCain said, when asked about the expectations of immigration advocates that he might once again take up the cause. […] His intent to hold firm underscores a growing divide between the parties that shows no sign of suddenly disappearing after McCain’s Aug. 24 primary election … or the November midterm elections. […] “Those of us who are hoping for a post-primary redemption are losing hope,” said Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, an immigrant advocacy group.

Apparently, McCain is taking no prisoners in distancing himself from “comprehensive” immigration reform and the advocacy groups he was working with during the last Administration. The current climate, driven in large part by popular approval of Arizona’s SB 1070, has the old concept of reform about as popular as a toxic landfill so-called reformers were hanging their hats on a couple new ideas that haven’t gotten much attention and are thus not so toxic but are none the less an open door to Mexico’s millions. Those programs, the DREAM Act and AgJOBS, are being pushed as either “earned” citizenship in the case of the DREAM Act or “temporary workers” in the case of AgJOBS. In theory, both are a much easier sell than “comprehensive” reform, mostly because we don’t really know what’s in the bills and, as always, the Devil is in the details.

And on Thursday, McCain told POLITICO that he wouldn’t even consider scaled-back measures, such as the DREAM Act, which would give undocumented students the right to become permanent residents, and AgJOBS, which aims to provide a stream of legal farm workers for the agriculture industry.

He said he won’t go for either measure until a border bill is passed and the border is certified as secure, which could take years. “My sense is McCain is a bit miffed about not receiving as much support as he thought he would from Hispanics during the presidential election,” said Brent Wilkes, executive director of the League of United Latin American Citizens. “I would be surprised if he completely comes back and is the champion.”

Got that? Highlighting is mine, and the point is that McCain is once again taking his electoral loss personally and transferring the responsibility for that loss to somebody else. It’s personal not policy and it fits McCain’s actions of the last ten years to a tee.

Now, about that “sea-change” thingy. Interestingly enough, the man who was going to bring us all together in a post-racial, post-partisan world is failing miserably. His Administration relies on the same old, tired victimology that The Left has made their bones on for the last 50 years. And in the world of partisan players, the Democratic leadership makes me look like a strident proponent of bipartisanship. Again, the subject is immigration.

The political environment has grown so divisive that finding bipartisanship on the issue will require nothing less than a game-changing election. The Senate that returns in January will include no more than five of the 12 Republicans who last voted for comprehensive reform in 2007.

[…] Even South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, the only Republican willing to negotiate with Democrats on comprehensive reform, has hardened his stance. He announced this week that he might push a constitutional amendment revoking “birthright citizenship,” which grants citizenship to children born in this country to illegal immigrants. The statement shocked advocates on the left…

And Graham told POLITICO that the Senate must pursue a border security bill before considering the comprehensive overhaul that he and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) drafted in the spring…

The bottom line here seems to be that even bullet proof Senators have gotten the message that the time for negotiation has come to an end and the time to go to war against the real enemies of the American Dream – that would be elected Democrats and their supporters – has come. It would appear that if constituents draw a line in the sand with a backhoe and keep the pressure on that legislators might just listen. The battle is by no means won, I’m not sure it’s even joined, but we may finally be – thank you Winston Churchill – at the end of the beginning.

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