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Tommy Terrific. Poster boy for utter stupidity.

So Tom Terrific wants to be Governor of Colorado. And the race is apparently pretty tight with two other candidates in the Republican Primary. Let me be clear, I’ve got no dog in this hunt and what I don’t know about Colorado politics would fill a huge volume with small print. There are some things, however, that are really simple and don’t even require a double digit IQ so I’m feeling on solid ground with this commentary.

Mr. Tancredo, according to the WaPo, has been involved in a pointing match with the Republican heirarchy in Colorado. So he’s decided to take his ball and go home. Apparently he has concluded that he can’t win the Republican Primary so, in the tradition of petty politicians who care more about “making a point” than winning and who, in the process, deliver victories to the EvilParty™, Tommy Terrific is going to flee the house and join up with the American Constitution Party and will run for Governor under their flag.

Lets be really clear. The ACP has produced electoral winners in… oh yeah, nowhere, notime. They are a refuge for fools who can’t wage a mainstream battle. And Tommy Terrific will deliver the Governorship of Colorado back into the hands of Democrats with this move.

DENVER — In a move that complicates Republican efforts to take back the Colorado governor’s office, former GOP congressman Tom Tancredo said Monday that he plans to switch parties and run on the American Constitution Party ticket.
He has said that he believes Republican candidates Scott McInnis and Dan Maes have no chance of beating Democrat John Hickenlooper in November. He gave Maes and McInnis a Monday noon deadline to agree to step down if they are trailing in the polls after the Aug. 10 primary, and both men refused.

Apparently Tommy Terrific has his panties in a wad, probably because the Colorado Republican Party didn’t support his ill fated run for POTUS. Or whatever. The bottom line here is that there is no excuse for a long serving party member who’s held elective office as a Republican to jump out of the primary and cast his lot with a third party that has no chance of doing anything but electing a Democrat as Governor of Colorado. Good riddance Tommy. You won’t be missed. We won’t even talk about you. You can go curl up and die the lonely political death of an outcast, an outcast BTW who cast himself out.

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