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I love oxymorons.

From Google News Headlines yesterday.

Obama signs bill targeting government waste

The operative question here should be “Why? Is he planning on spending more money on those programs? Oh wait, he already did. They were called TARP and The Stimulus and Let’s Buy a Car Company! Now that I think of it, The Stimulus, is kinda like those emails that Yahoo refuses to filter (which is why I don’t use Yahoo anymore) offering me ways to enlarge my bank account with no effort on my part, my penis and my breasts.

And then there was this little gem…

Judge doubts constitutionality of a portion of Arizona’s immigration law
Los Angeles Times – Nicholas Riccardi – ‎9 minutes ago‎
A US district judge questions the provision that makes lacking immigration documents a crime but is skeptical of barring the requirement for police officers to check immigration status.
Does Illegal Immigration Lead to More Crime? CBS News
Federal judge hears arguments for, against Arizona immigration law CNN
The Associated Press – Reuters – CBS 4 – BBC News

Huh? Ahh, comeon CBS. How about we think about it this way. “Does illegal [pick one] lead to more crime?” Hey punk, Yes! Because a crime was committed by the person doing the “illegal” act in the first place. But hey, I can see you could screw that one up. NOT!


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