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And here I thought Rahm Emmanuel was a pretty smart guy.

But hey, what do I know. Obviously not a whole lot.

The WaPo has an article on the flap over Baghdad Bob Gibbs comments on Republicans taking the House. Most of it is just “inside baseball” and some discussion about the tactical stuff that the Democrats have going for them. It takes the author until the end of page two to get to the really startling part of the story.

So, we wade through a page and a half of drivel about the internal politics and we finally get to this little nugget.

For Democrats, the strategy for survival requires changing public perceptions about the economy, working on the margins to save some vulnerable incumbents and picking off a few Republican-held seats as a buffer against anticipated losses.

Emanuel said he thinks Democrats were making progress earlier in the spring until they were hit by what he calls “the G force” — the oil spill in the gulf, the debt crisis in Greece and the controversy over Israel’s attack on a ship carrying aid to Gaza. “We hit this wall,” Emanuel said.

Highlighting is mine. OK, now I’m convinced that Washington DC is really on another planet. Yes Virginia, there is life on Mars and Rahm proves it.

We wade through this entire piece and there’s not one word about the ObamaCare fiasco. Nary a word about the Trillion dollars of stimulus that so far hasn’t stimulated anything but the Tea Party movement. Zip about TheBoyPresident™’s cratering poll numbers. And Rahm thinks the Evil Party was making progress? This guy is on the RNC’s payroll. (So is Baghdad Bob, but that’s fodder for another day.) Oh, and the problems that caused the Evil Party to “hit the wall”? The Gulf? Well, that might ding Mary a tad but then again we weren’t talking about the Senate were we? Greece? Come on Rahm. Most of the refugees of “public education” can’t find Washington DC on a map let alone Greece. And that was a tidbit for a week. By now people are back to thinking Greece is something McDonalds cooks fries in. Oh, and then there’s the aid ship. Yep. That’s a major issue in 40 or 50 House races.

I really shouldn’t do this, but here goes. Hey Rahm, when this saves your job, I want one of those Czar job thingys but I wanna stay in Arizona. You should maybe think about…

  • The ObamaCare fiasco and hope people don’t start paying attention to the numbers. And Tim G who admitted there was never any “savings”.
  • That dude TheOne bypassed Senate hearings on and made head of Medicare. And who will be the defacto head of Death Panels. Heh.
  • Might wanna take a hard look at the Dodd thingy. Another couple of thousand pages that will have some October surprises.
  • The housing market that is pretty well set to crater now that you geniuses have pulled the summer business forward to spring by propping up pricing to the tune of $8K per unit.
  • Hey, I saw something about Government Motors going public. That ought to be fun. Just when the financial markets are figuring that you and Dodd have screwed them to the floor.
  • You might wanna take another look at the AZ immigration lawsuit. And what the heck, the whole Department of Justice(?) while you’re at it.

So Rahm there’s a short list for you. How’s your resume?

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