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Army wimps up basic training.

What do these people think? I mean is going to war like playing WarCraft now?

Starting this month, basic training is no longer what it used to be.

No more screaming drill sergeants. Fewer boring PowerPoint presentations and no more mock fighting with bayonets.

The first recruits are going through a drastically revamped training program — designed in response to the changes in the “millennial” generation.

Over time, new grunts arriving at the Army’s basic training locations have been softer in body, mind and spirit but far more technologically savvy than previous generations and with a greater sense of purpose. But the Army was “using old methodologies to train on the battlefield,” said Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling, who is in charge of the overhaul. “So we had to adjust what we’re training and how we’re training it.”

So, instead of demanding that recruits show up in some semblance of shape, they just ease up on training. Great. The only prescription here is for more dead soldiers.

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