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TOTALLY out of touch with reality. Totally.

These people need meds. In large doses.

Let’s do just a little historical recap of the last year and a half. TheBoyPresident™ and his Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan have been the most accommodating people you could possibly find when it comes to bending over – and bending the American taxpayers over – in the name of helping unions. And yet we read this in last week’s The New York Times

NEW ORLEANS — For two years as a presidential candidate, Barack Obama addressed educators gathered for the summer conventions of the two national teachers’ unions, and last year both groups rolled out the welcome mat for Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

But in a sign of the Obama administration’s strained relations with two of its most powerful political allies, no federal official was scheduled to speak at either convention this month, partly because union officials feared that administration speakers would face heckling.

The largest union’s meeting opened here on Saturday to a drumbeat of heated rhetoric, with several speakers calling for Mr. Duncan’s resignation, hooting delegates voting for a resolution criticizing federal programs for “undermining public education,” and the union’s president summing up 18 months of Obama education policies by saying, “This is not the change I hoped for.”

“Today our members face the most anti-educator, anti-union, anti-student environment I have ever experienced,” Dennis Van Roekel, president of the union, the National Education Association, told thousands of members gathered at the convention center here.

Huh? Dennis is talking about the Obama Administration here, not Chris Christie. TheBoyPresident™ has tossed literally BILLIONS of dollars of federal taxpayers money to states to keep paying “educators” one hell of a lot more money than they’re worth. And yet Dennis and his counterparts at the AFT are screeching for more.

Keep it up folks, you’re about to discover that the gravy train is over. States, starting with New Jersey, are putting “educators” heads on the block and rightfully so. Your salaries are inflated, non-teaching jobs in school districts are a bad joke and many services should be contracted out to private firms – see janitorial services for starters.

There’s a reason that private and charter schools consistently outperform public schools and do for a fraction of the cost. That reason: the NEA and the AFT. Teachers unions and their contracts should be in the crosshairs of every school district in the US. Hopefully a Republican Congress can stop federal money from flowing to pad state and local budets so the states will be finally forced to face up to the bargain they’ve made with Lucifer – who is the personification of the teachers unions.

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