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THIS probably won’t make you feel better.

From the Economic Policy Institute on the deficit…

In 2009the most recent forecast is for a federal budget deficit of $1.67 trillion (11.9% of GDP) — though further economic deterioration may increase this total.

So, we’re spending $1,670,000,000,000 more than we take in. And that accounts for about 12% of everything we produce. Oh, please note, gentle reader, that the 12% is NOT the federal budget, it’s just the overrun.

A reasonable person might think that “Gee, maybe we should eliminate some programs and stop printing ‘money’.” I’m sure most of us could provide a list for starters. But that’s not what the geniuses who are driving this runaway freight train are doing. No sir. They’re going right to the front lines. To the folks who work for the federal government. Federal employees. “Gee, let’s ask our unionized work force for help!” And hence, we have THIS gem from The Washington Post.

White House contest asks federal workers for money-saving ideas

Federal workers with thoughts on how to save taxpayer dollars can start submitting their cost-conscious ideas Thursday as part of a contest backed by the White House.
This Story

The second annual SAVE Award will start accepting submissions … from Thursday through July 22.
Last year’s winning idea came from Nancy Fichtner, a Department of Veterans Affairs employee from Colorado who suggested that VA medical centers should permit patients to take home extra bandages and medication when they are discharged. The change in policy is expected to save the Department of Veterans Affairs at least $14.5 million by 2014, the OMB said. Other finalists included a U.S. Forest Service worker who suggested that national forests should deposit checks at local banks instead of mailing them to a central processing facility, a Housing and Urban Development employee who wanted housing agencies to consolidate inspections, and a Social Security Administration worker who suggested people should be able to schedule appointments with the agency online. Agencies included those ideas in fiscal 2011 budget proposals.

Extra bandages. Use local banks (although if the DoddBankingThingy™ passes, there probably won’t BE any “local” banks). Schedule appointments online.

I think it’s time for the natives to get restless.

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