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Need a reason to burn down a university…

Well, here ya go…

Although, I think eliminating the US Department of Education and forbidding it’s former employees to ever again work for any government agency or anywhere in the US “education” system would probably work better.

With a tip of the hat to The Daily Caller,

First he won the Nobel Peace Prize within a year of moving into the White House, and now, with less than 18 months of executive power under his belt, historians agree that President Obama is one of the greatest U.S. presidents this country has ever seen. Well, cracks the top 15, at least.

Using a multi-category rating scale, a Siena College Research Institute survey of 238 historians, academics and political scientists ranked Obama as the 15th greatest president since the nation’s founding. Sandwiched between Andrew Jackson and Lyndon Johnson, the 44th president beat out Ronald Reagan by three slots.

This exercise in JackAssery ranks right up there with the polls showing that US citizens don’t have a clue about who we won our independence from. At least the polls asked “ordinary citizens”. This exercise in mental masturbation asked “historians” who, while unnamed in the article, one could reasonably assume have graduate level educations from various universities.

So, let’s look at this proposition.


  • Inherited a recession and followed policies that kept the recession in place. Maybe.
  • He holds the all time record for deficits in just one year in office and still thiks government creates “jobs”.
  • The CEO of Verizon – head of the Business Roundtable – who’s been in BO’s back pocket since before day one, is now saying that O’s policies of overreaching government are the cause of no growth in the private sector.
  • O’s made a world tour apologizing for America and pitching the idea that she’s just another second rate country.
  • The Democratic controlled Congress can’t (won’t) pass a budget.
  • We’re looking at a “double-dip” recession at best. Could very well be a depression if some adults don’t show up.
  • The residential housing market has been the recipient of billions upon billions of dollars of “help”. The National Assn of Realtors announced last week that the housing market is just not sustainable without government help.


  • Inherited a stagnent economy with interest rates around 20%.
  • Inherited a government that conventional wisdom said was “un-governable”.
  • Inherited a Cold War that no one though we could win.
  • Had a Democratic House that fought his spending initiatives for rebuilding the military – a constitutional obligation of the federal government.
  • He rebuilt the US military into a world beating fighting force, restoring their morale and honor.
  • Won the Cold War. When The Wall fell, that was a tribute to Ronald Reagan. And a slap in the face to both the entire Democratic Party (who still hasn’t gotten over the fall of the USSR) and institutional Republicans.
  • Restored the ideal of American Exceptionalism so totally derided (then and now) by Democrats.
  • Brought interest rates down, created an environment for private sector job growth and business investment. Totally turned the economy around.

The choice is simple.

Obama is turning America into Detroit.
Reagan left us with A Shining City on a Hill.

I’ll take the Shining City on a Hill. The historians are free to move to downtown Detroit.

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