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The End of the Beginning…

Before you get any farther, let me be REALLY CLEAR. This is in no way, shape or form a defense of John McCain or a column in support of him. It is a outline of two things. First, it supports my contention that the “real” driving force behind John McCain is not Republican, Democrat, Conservative or Liberal. It’s not even “Maverick”. It’s Contrarian and it’s personal not related to policy. Second, there is a real sea change afoot, even amongst the “DC Republican Class”.

With respect to McCain, since he took himself out of the 2000 POTUS contest by getting caught lying about his position on abortion, he has picked issues that he was able to garner tons of media exposure and in the process be a real thorn in the side of conservatives (who he wrongly blames for his failed POTUS bid) and whoever happens to be President. As it happens, given the current occupant of the White House, he seems to be more tuned in to being a thorn in BHO’s side which coincidentally has him siding with the more conservative elements in the Republican Party. I don’t see that changing given the absolute intransigence of the desire of the Far Left to remake the worst elements of the USSR and the falling ratings of the Party in charge of that change. McCain may be self absorbed but he’s not stupid. Which brings us to the Politico article of note which uses the immigration issue to highlight both of my earlier points.

…the onetime champion of comprehensive immigration reform appears nowhere near ready to rejoin Democrats in the fight, which left him alienated from his party and feeling abandoned by Hispanic voters during the bruising 2008 presidential election. Not a chance, McCain said, when asked about the expectations of immigration advocates that he might once again take up the cause. […] His intent to hold firm underscores a growing divide between the parties that shows no sign of suddenly disappearing after McCain’s Aug. 24 primary election … or the November midterm elections. […] “Those of us who are hoping for a post-primary redemption are losing hope,” said Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, an immigrant advocacy group.

Apparently, McCain is taking no prisoners in distancing himself from “comprehensive” immigration reform and the advocacy groups he was working with during the last Administration. The current climate, driven in large part by popular approval of Arizona’s SB 1070, has the old concept of reform about as popular as a toxic landfill so-called reformers were hanging their hats on a couple new ideas that haven’t gotten much attention and are thus not so toxic but are none the less an open door to Mexico’s millions. Those programs, the DREAM Act and AgJOBS, are being pushed as either “earned” citizenship in the case of the DREAM Act or “temporary workers” in the case of AgJOBS. In theory, both are a much easier sell than “comprehensive” reform, mostly because we don’t really know what’s in the bills and, as always, the Devil is in the details.

And on Thursday, McCain told POLITICO that he wouldn’t even consider scaled-back measures, such as the DREAM Act, which would give undocumented students the right to become permanent residents, and AgJOBS, which aims to provide a stream of legal farm workers for the agriculture industry.

He said he won’t go for either measure until a border bill is passed and the border is certified as secure, which could take years. “My sense is McCain is a bit miffed about not receiving as much support as he thought he would from Hispanics during the presidential election,” said Brent Wilkes, executive director of the League of United Latin American Citizens. “I would be surprised if he completely comes back and is the champion.”

Got that? Highlighting is mine, and the point is that McCain is once again taking his electoral loss personally and transferring the responsibility for that loss to somebody else. It’s personal not policy and it fits McCain’s actions of the last ten years to a tee.

Now, about that “sea-change” thingy. Interestingly enough, the man who was going to bring us all together in a post-racial, post-partisan world is failing miserably. His Administration relies on the same old, tired victimology that The Left has made their bones on for the last 50 years. And in the world of partisan players, the Democratic leadership makes me look like a strident proponent of bipartisanship. Again, the subject is immigration.

The political environment has grown so divisive that finding bipartisanship on the issue will require nothing less than a game-changing election. The Senate that returns in January will include no more than five of the 12 Republicans who last voted for comprehensive reform in 2007.

[…] Even South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, the only Republican willing to negotiate with Democrats on comprehensive reform, has hardened his stance. He announced this week that he might push a constitutional amendment revoking “birthright citizenship,” which grants citizenship to children born in this country to illegal immigrants. The statement shocked advocates on the left…

And Graham told POLITICO that the Senate must pursue a border security bill before considering the comprehensive overhaul that he and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) drafted in the spring…

The bottom line here seems to be that even bullet proof Senators have gotten the message that the time for negotiation has come to an end and the time to go to war against the real enemies of the American Dream – that would be elected Democrats and their supporters – has come. It would appear that if constituents draw a line in the sand with a backhoe and keep the pressure on that legislators might just listen. The battle is by no means won, I’m not sure it’s even joined, but we may finally be – thank you Winston Churchill – at the end of the beginning.

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The Inmates are Running the Asylum.

And they have been for a long time. It’s just more obvious now that we’re, to paraphrase Pat Moynahan, defining insanity down.

The real watchword for the Obama Administration should be Unexpected!. In large measure that word really defines the role of the federal government over the last 60 years at least but this particular iteration of idiots has taken us to a new level of just totally rank stupidity.

In times past, when I thought of the title of this post the image that would pop into my head was this…

Well, one absolute accomplishment of Obama’s Ship of Fools is that I now have a new image burned into what’s left of my feeble brain. This post should have contained a NSFW warning because of this image but I couldn’t figure out how to do that, so I apologize peremptorily.

So far this Congress and this Administration has DemonPassed a bill to nationalize one-sixth of the US economy and they did it with a 2,000 page bill that the Speaker of the House told us they “had to pass so we could find out what was in it”. So far a bunch of “stuff” has been discovered and pretty much all of it has been labeled Unexpected!. TheGang™ passed legislation to supposedly stabilize the current iteration of a “housing crisis”. The results on a monthly basis have been labeled Unexpected!. And while we’re on that subject, Congress in the Golden Era of Clinton passed the Community Redevelopment Act, requiring regulated banking entities to loan money to people who previously couldn’t qualify for a loan. One of the Unexpected! consequences of that turkey is our current “housing crisis”. I could go on at length with specifics, but by now even I’m getting bored. Oh heck, lets do one more. Remember “The Stimulus”? And the monthly uptick in the unemployment numbers that was consistently Unexpected!. Yeah, I though so. OK, enough for their “accomplishments”.

TheGang™ just passed – with the help of new Senator Scott Brown – a bill, aptly named for Chris Dodd one of the dumbest guys to ever occupy a Senate Seat, that regulates credit card fees. It’s actually a second iteration of new banking regulation of credit cards. And trust me, they’re not anywhere near done. Why do credit cards need regulation? Well, the real bottom line is that TheGang™ hates the free market. They don’t like the idea that people with crappy credit histories make statistically lousy credit risks. So they feel the need, nay, The Calling, to intervene in their behalf and even things out. Make things “equal”. So, the new exercise in stupidity requires everybody to pay the same interest rate and fees on their cards. We know that much, we’re not sure yet what’s really in the bill because pretty much nobody had time to read this abomination before IT was passed either. So anyway, it looks like lousy credit risks will get a break and good credit risks will get screwed. Oh yeah, and there was a bunch of risk related fees that EvilBanks charged that “weren’t fair” either so those are going away.

So enter the free market, which hasn’t been totally outlawed. Yet. But just wait. From the Washington Times.

Call it the law of unintended consequences.

That’s what many finance experts are saying will be the result of Congress’ latest attempt to micromanage the world of consumer credit through the financial-reform measure President Obama signed into law last week.

Many are predicting that well-meaning provisions to force banks to lower their fees for debit card services will boomerang once again and result in less credit available for consumers — the same phenomenon seen when Congress enacted a law a year ago to rein in credit card fees.

First off, I would argue until hell freezes over about the insertion of the phrase “well-meaning” into that last paragraph. But that’s just the way I am.

In the very next paragraph the author notes that the last attempt of TheGang™ at this windmill reduced the available consumer credit by “…the biggest amount on record and could fall by an additional $2 trillion in the next year…” and so what do they do? They sharpen their lances and make another pass at the windmill. The article goes on to note that banks are taking steps to prop up the profitability of their credit card issuing units in a variety of ways including the elimination of “free checking” and a host of new and as yet unlegislated against fees.

But TheGang™ has a way around those pesky capitalists. Never fear, the Consumer Financial Protection Agency is almost here, and the woman they’ve chosen to run it is on the table for Senate confirmation. [Insert tacky comments about the absence of Senator Kennedy and open faced sandwiches here] If there was ever any doubt about the focus of The Evil Party and their ability and desire to run every aspect of our lives this should absolve you that…

But consumer advocacy groups charge that banks have forced everyone to pay higher prices at stores to cover their exorbitant charges. Now, they are just up to their old “tricks and traps” by trying to shift fees into new areas.

Activists pledge to keep trying to shut down bank profit centers through the powerful new consumer regulator set up under the finance law at the Federal Reserve.

“Congress can’t write laws fast enough to keep up” with the banks, said Travis Plunkett, legislative director of the Consumer Federation of America. “That’s why we need a Consumer Financial Protection Agency” to keep pursuing banks as they invent new schemes, he said.

Highlighting is mine. Go back and read that again. Yep. Don’t ever forget “profit” is evil and is made on the backs of the poor. And never forget that these folks are all about “outcomes”. Legislation has proven a poor way for them to insure the outcomes they desire and that’s why they love both the courts and regulators. They win in those venues and there’s almost no way to ratchet back their desired outcome. See Roe v Wade.

I have a new mantra. Vote Republican, buy ammunition. Not necessarilly in that order. These folks are the absolute enemies of liberty and freedom and they’re willing to do whatever they need to to make sure thier outcomes happen. It’s a lesson we need to take to heart. And act on.

The Sky is Falling!!! Ahhh no, it’s just

the first shoe.

In an article by Chicken Little at the WaPo, they are passing off as “fact” a prognostication by a group of no-account whack jobs at the National League of Cities, the National Association of Counties and U.S. Conference of Mayors. In other words, the The National Association of Local Politicians Who are Terrified of Cutting Union Jobs or Asking Local Taxpayers for Money. TNALSWATCUJALTM is going around you and going straight to the printing press, TheBoyPresident;™. They are projecting a $74B tax collection shortfall and they want “federal money” because it spends better than “local money”. After all, “federal money”, to paraphrase JD Hayworth, is “free money”. So sayeth Chicken Little…

Local governments across the country are facing an intensifying fiscal crisis that is forcing them to make deep cuts in personnel and services just as more hard-pressed residents are seeking their help, according to a report released Tuesday.

These cities and counties — which have cut jobs significantly since the start of the downturn — could slash as many as 500,000 more jobs over the current and coming fiscal years. The cuts would affect schools, public safety, libraries, trash collection and social services, according to survey released jointly by the National League of Cities, the National Association of Counties and U.S. Conference of Mayors.

Combined with the fiscal stress confronting state governments — which face a combined budget deficit of $89 billion this year — the crisis faced by counties and cities hampers the struggling economic recovery, analysts have said.

Cops, teachers, social services. Blah blah blah. Here’s a heads up for you folks. Cut teachers salaries and benefits. Fire school administrators not working in the classroom or who are not principals and do not replace them. Eliminate janitorial services and bus drivers and contract with private companies. Push for Charter Schools and close “public schools”. Contract trash removal with private companies. Cut back library hours. Go through your city and county payrolls and eliminate everybody with a title that contains even a vague reference to the word “officer”, like “diversity officer”.

Here’s a picture of just how out of touch with economic reality these jackasses are.

The Economic Policy Institute, a liberal research group, estimates that for every 100 public sector jobs that are cut, an additional 30 jobs are lost in the private sector, which relies heavily on governments as customers.

Together, state and local governments are one of the nation’s largest job sectors and economic drivers — larger than the manufacturing and construction industries combined, the report said.

This is what you’d expect from a “liberal research group”. First of all, if you cut “public sector” jobs and privatize the function you’ll save at least 30% in personnel cost because you’ll need about 30% fewer bodies. And the “benefits” will likely cost about 80% less. And then there’s the brain-dead-stupid idea that government jobs are economic drivers. In fact, they suck the life out of local economies (and national ones too). They regulate and they generally work to make the for-profit-sector, where jobs actually add value in relation to their worth, less efficient.

The Christian Science Monitor weighs in as well.

“It’s vital to the survival of cities and towns throughout this country,” said James Mitchell, a city council member from Charlotte, N.C., and a vice president at the National League of Cities, in a telephone press briefing.

The ultimatum sets up a summer of drama for cities and counties, largely because the legislation “does not stand a chance in the Senate,” says Chris Edwards, an analyst with the libertarian Cato Institute in Washington.

With the federal deficit projected to come in at about $1.4 trillion this fiscal year, passing any bills that add to the deficit will be difficult with an election looming.

“It appears adding to the deficit is much more difficult than the past,” says Dennis Jacobe, Washington-based chief economist at Gallup, the polling organization. “The question is, is it a priority to substitute for other spending?”

Mr. Edwards notes that state and local government employment grew through 2008 and then was flat for the next two years as corporations and citizens tightened their belts. At the same time, he says, many states and cities have overpromised what they can provide for pensions and health-care benefits.

“If they get more federal bailout money, it’s another reason for them to avoid making the tough decisions,” says Edwards.

My highlight.

If you give them money they will spend a dollar and a half for every dollar you give them. Bet on it. It’s not gambling, it’s a sure thing. Edwards is right. And it’s about time the people who run government got a taste of accountability. I really don’t know how anybody could possibly be surprised at this, after all cities have been electing a liberal elite for the last 50+ years who have done nothing but take money from the people who do the work and ship it into the ghetto. It’s had two consistent effects. The people who do the work leave and the people who get the “benefits” stay and demand more. It’s way past time to say no.

Oh, and don’t kid yourself folks. This is the first shot of what will be a real hot war. Because it’s not about a $74B tax shortfall, it’s about nationalizing state, county and local budgets. And the big steel toed work shoe is just waiting to drop, and that would be the state, county and municipal pension funds which are about $3T short.

I have two suggestions. Vote Republican. Buy ammunition.

Tommy Terrific. Poster boy for utter stupidity.

So Tom Terrific wants to be Governor of Colorado. And the race is apparently pretty tight with two other candidates in the Republican Primary. Let me be clear, I’ve got no dog in this hunt and what I don’t know about Colorado politics would fill a huge volume with small print. There are some things, however, that are really simple and don’t even require a double digit IQ so I’m feeling on solid ground with this commentary.

Mr. Tancredo, according to the WaPo, has been involved in a pointing match with the Republican heirarchy in Colorado. So he’s decided to take his ball and go home. Apparently he has concluded that he can’t win the Republican Primary so, in the tradition of petty politicians who care more about “making a point” than winning and who, in the process, deliver victories to the EvilParty™, Tommy Terrific is going to flee the house and join up with the American Constitution Party and will run for Governor under their flag.

Lets be really clear. The ACP has produced electoral winners in… oh yeah, nowhere, notime. They are a refuge for fools who can’t wage a mainstream battle. And Tommy Terrific will deliver the Governorship of Colorado back into the hands of Democrats with this move.

DENVER — In a move that complicates Republican efforts to take back the Colorado governor’s office, former GOP congressman Tom Tancredo said Monday that he plans to switch parties and run on the American Constitution Party ticket.
He has said that he believes Republican candidates Scott McInnis and Dan Maes have no chance of beating Democrat John Hickenlooper in November. He gave Maes and McInnis a Monday noon deadline to agree to step down if they are trailing in the polls after the Aug. 10 primary, and both men refused.

Apparently Tommy Terrific has his panties in a wad, probably because the Colorado Republican Party didn’t support his ill fated run for POTUS. Or whatever. The bottom line here is that there is no excuse for a long serving party member who’s held elective office as a Republican to jump out of the primary and cast his lot with a third party that has no chance of doing anything but electing a Democrat as Governor of Colorado. Good riddance Tommy. You won’t be missed. We won’t even talk about you. You can go curl up and die the lonely political death of an outcast, an outcast BTW who cast himself out.

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The real Newt…

There’s a great article in Politico this morning about Newt Gingrich. Recall please that Newt is making moves like he’s going to run for President in 2012, he recently noted that he’d “make a decision after the election”.

I don’t write much about Newt because frankly, I try not to think about Newt. He makes my head hurt. I think he did a good job pre-94 as a backbench bomb thrower who took the Democratic leadership (and the Republicans for that matter) by surprise. He was the beneficiary of Haley Barbour’s leadership at the RNC and he did an excellent job of nationalizing the 94 elections with the Contract With America. And then he folded like a cheap suit. And he hasn’t changed his suit since. I don’t think he’s had it cleaned either.

Today, Howard Rich, a guy you probably haven’t heard of because he keeps a really low profile, has a great article about the Newt. And he quite eloquently covers the ground that I’ve ignored. By the way Howard IS rich, and he’s a big time donor to conservative causes and chairman of Americans for Limited Government. Here’s Howard for starters…

The news that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich folded like a cheap suit in the wake of a brazen political attack on the tea party movement was sad. But not surprising.

As far back as his second term in Congress, in 1980, Gingrich sided with big labor interests until brought to his knees by a National Right to Work education campaign. Contrary to his image, Gingrich has demonstrated throughout his political career that he possesses no real ideological mooring.

Now, his legitimizing the NAACP’s crass political attempt to play the race card reveals him to be nothing more than a rank political opportunist – a White House-aspiring demagogue who prefers looking good for the liberal legacy media to standing up for our rights as citizens and taxpayers.

Well gosh Howard, if you’d just stop mincing your words maybe we could figure out where you stand.

The laundry list of Newt’s gutless forays is almost endless. Starting with the shutdown of the Federal Government and his caving to Clinton. In my anything-but-humble-opinion, Haley Barbour did the real lifting to bring Republicans to power in 94. Newt was the beneficiary of really good coaching. By the time Newt had to stand nose to nose with the best politician of my lifetime, the jello in his spine had wilted and he was clueless. We had the opportunity to drive a stake through the heart of the far Left by killing Clinton’s agenda and showing them for the pre-Obama’s that they were and Newt blew it. He’s made a run at redemption a couple of times since Clinton left office and he writes for Human Events on a regular basis. He also never misses an opportunity to stand with the Left in a bipartisan fashion from his collaboration with Hillary on health care to his scientific opinions about global warming. And then there are the candidates he supports. Nary a conservative in the lot.

Mr. Rich gets downright down and dirty about the government shutdown and I totally agree with his conclusion.

“When the Republican Party faced withering criticism during the government shutdown of 1995 to 1996, our leaders folded instead of standing their ground,” then-former Rep. Tom Coburn wrote in his 2001 book, “Breach of Trust.” “Rather than doing the hard work of explaining to the public, or even to rank-and-file Republicans, what was necessary to reduce the size of government, our leaders retreated.”

By taking the easy way out, and bowing to the altar of political-correctness, Gingrich established a pattern of appeasement that has defined the GOP to this day. Making matters worse, it was his arrogance which precipitated the costly sellout.

“He told a room full of reporters that he forced the shutdown because Clinton had rudely made him and Bob Dole sit at the back of Air Force One,” former House majority leader Tom DeLay later wrote. “Newt had been careless to say such a thing, and now the whole moral tone of the shutdown had been lost. What had been a noble battle for fiscal sanity began to look like the tirade of a spoiled child. The revolution, I can tell you, was never the same.”
True limited government advocates should recognize both the NAACP and Gingrich for what they are – enemies in the fight for greater personal and economic freedom for all Americans.

That is the real “teachable moment” of Gingrich’s latest betrayal.

Hopefully Gingrich will read this and take heed. He really needs to go back to teaching history and get out of the political eye of the storm. He had his time in the sun. He got a sun burn. So did we. We don’t need another one.

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JD Hayworth treated for gunshot wounds…

July 25, 2010 1 comment

that would be for self inflicted gunshot wounds to his feet.

I noted months ago that while John McCain had a huge money advantage he really didn’t need to spend much of it to beat Hayworth. He happens to be spending lots of it, but it’s really overkill. I noted that JD’s biggest problem was his mouth. It’s big enough to hold both feet with room left over and so far, he’s made me look like a prophet. First there was his “birther” commentary. Next came his comment about being able to marry his horse. There was going to war in WWII minus a declaration of war. Then there was “free money”. Now, in the throes of desperation from looking at a 45 point McCain lead, he comes up with this as reported in the Arizona Republic.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu is a supporter of John McCain. Babeu also made an appearance on a Tennessee-based radio program that once hosted former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. NOTE: that once. JD hit the press release route to attack McCain and his racist supporters.

Hayworth said that if McCain doesn’t take down the Babeu ads, “that speaks volumes about the man who loves saying that character matters.”

“David Duke, Paul Babeu, John McCain – certainly the senior senator from Arizona does not want to be at that party,” Hayworth said Wednesday in a written statement.

John McCain and David Duke. And JD wants to be a US Senator. Oh, JD dumped a press release because he can’t afford a TV ad. The press release was met with the characteristic outpouring of people running like hell to get away from JD.

Babeu has acknowledged that going on the show was a mistake, and some supporters of Hayworth, including Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, are defending him.

“Sheriff Paul Babeu supports SB 1070 (Arizona’s immigration law) and is against illegal immigration,” Arpaio said in a written statement provided to The Arizona Republic by Tim Gaffney, Babeu’s spokesman. “Paul is no more a racist than any good American who wants to secure our border and stop illegal immigration.”
The Arizona Fraternal Order of Police, which is supporting McCain, issued a news release Thursday in which its president called on Hayworth to apologize to Babeu.

Mark Spencer, president of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, which has endorsed Hayworth, also defended Babeu in a written statement provided by Gaffney. Spencer called media criticism of Babeu “unwarranted and misdirected.”

Note that Arpaio is the only really high profile endorsement JD’s got. Had? Anyway, there are also some select comments from JD’s Facebook page that are less than laudatory.

Oh well, the primary has been over for months. But there really is a lesson here. If you’re a conservative and you’d really like to see someone like McCain beaten in a primary, you have to have a plan and you have to have a credible candidate. Conservatives in Arizona this time around had neither. There were two possible candidates who could have given McCain a real run for his money, John Shadegg and Jeff Flake. They both chose not to challenge the incumbent. There are any number of incumbent Republican Senators who we conservatives would like to see banished to the outer rings of Hell. A couple in Maine and one South Carolina come to mind immediately. And we’ve got time to put together a plan to take them out if a credible candidate is available to run against them. If we don’t put together a real plan and find a credible candidate we’ll be saddled with a rerun of Arizona ’10 with a pathetic has-been with name recognition thinks he can pull off a “Scott Brown”. It won’t be happening in Arizona this year. And it won’t be happening anywhere else at any time in the future either.

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Just when you thought you’d heard it all…

TheBoyPresident™ rips another envelope all to hell.

Some history. On Wednesday, December 21, 1988 Pan Am flight 103 was blown out of the sky over Lockerbie Scotland by a bomb planted by Libyan terrorist Abdelbaset Al Megrahi. He was eventually arrested, tried by Scottish authorities and was sentenced to a minimum of 20 years in prison. A pretty soft sentence for murdering 270 people. Last year the Scottish government released Al Megrahi to Libya for “compassionate reasons” because he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and was given three months to live. He was released so he could spend his final days with his family. Surprise, surprise, he’s still alive and well and some folks are upset about it. Namely the Obama administration and any number of US Senators. The Administration has been in high dudgeon howling that BP was involved in the release so they could get oil rights in the Middle East. Senators have been threatening hearings. British PM David Cameron is coming to the US for a visit and Obama has been threatening to kick his ass. (OK, I don’t have a link, but it’s certainly his style…)

Today. We have concern in the British media about Cameron’s visit.

Barack Obama to grill David Cameron over Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Al Megrahi’s release
He’ll ask: Was oil the real reason?

Barack Obama will tackle David Cameron this week over the decision to free the Lockerbie bomber.

Downing Street fears the mounting furore in the States over the release of Abdelbaset Al Megrahi could overshadow Mr Cameron’s first visit to the White House as PM.

Americans are linking the issue with another source of tension between Britain and the US – the BP oil disaster.

President Obama will demand to know if BP’s Libyan oil contracts were a factor in Megrahi’s release when the two meet on Tuesday.

I’m sure, based on all the economic stories I read that the release was “unexpected”. Like every other bit of negative news that hits the airwaves. Shocked, just shocked. And the release of this murderer is the fault of a big nasty corporation. Or not. Also from the UK, because hell will freeze over before you read this in a US newspaper.

Barack Obama’s administration urged Edinburgh to base the release of Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi on compassionate grounds, it has emerged.

Newspapers had quoted a letter from Richard LeBaron, deputy head of the US Embassy in London, to Scottish first minister Alex Salmond.

It read: “If Scottish authorities come to the conclusion that Megrahi must be released from custody, the US position is that conditional release on compassionate grounds would be a far preferable alternative to prisoner transfer.”

The deputy head of the US Embassy in London. That would be a toad that works for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Who would be a toad that works for one Barack H. Obama. Who is going to grill David Cameron on the release of said terrorist. And will try to tie said release to BP.

Common decency prevents me from adding my true feelings on this subject. Other than to say, “Where are the adults?”

And yes, I miss GWB.